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Sony teases Horizon: Call of the Mountain for PSVR 2


Sony announced at its CES 2022 press conference that it was releasing a new game in the Horizon universe. Specifically, it’s making a new Horizon game for its next-generation PlayStation VR 2, called Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Guerrilla Games studio director Jan-Bart Van Beek revealed the teaser trailer, saying that the team is hard at work on Horizon Forbidden West, which is due out on February 18. However, he added that Forbidden West isn’t the only Horizon game the studio is making. Guerrilla and Firesprite developed the game specifically for PSVR 2.

The teaser trailer shows the main character on a boat with two other characters. They’re unfortunate enough to pass under a tallneck, the gargantuan dinosaur-machines that among Horizon’s most iconic creatures. The beast admittedly looks more intimidating in the VR first-person view than it does while playing as Aloy. According to Sony’s blog post, the main character isn’t Aloy, and will, in fact, meet Aloy and other familiar faces in the game.