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Recent stock updates and where to buy AirPods Max

Many people seem to want to know where to buy AirPods for Max. Apple's first over-ear headphones are available for pre-order with the holidays quickly approaching. The $549 headphones, revealed earlier this week, will ship on December 15.

However, Apple's premium headphones are rapidly selling out despite their high price. The Apple Store sees wait times of 12 to 14 weeks for select AirPods Max colors to drive their arrival far into the first month of 2021. Luckily, beyond the Apple Store, there are other choices. So if you're wondering where the AirPods Max can bought, here are all the stores you should refer to.

Where to purchase Air Pods from Max. Fast links.

Air Pods Max Shop at Amazon

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Shop at ebay.com


Shop at ebay.com