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Microsoft has released a demo video of HoloLens 2

Epic Games and Microsoft have released a demo video of Microsoft's HoloLens 2 laminated reality glasses, the purpose of the video is clearly to show off the graphics of Microsoft's independent laminated reality glasses. The video called the Apollo 11 Mission Apollo program AR, and it's actually a live-stream interactive demo from a cloud running on Unreal Engine.

The demo unveiled earlier this summer at the Microsoft Build 2019 conference, Apollo 11: Mission AR and it actually recreates the historic Apollo 11 mission from 1969 and the moon landing, the use of the fifth Saturn rocket, the lunar landing, and the first steps of Neil Armstrong on the moon which Epic Games and Microsoft restored Based on real data and footage from the historic event.\

ays that the demo comprises 7 million polygons that create layers of reality, the demo also includes dynamic lighting and shadows, multi-layer projection and volume effects, Epic Games says that the "holographic elements" of the experience actually streamed wirelessly in real-time from the UE network cloud 4.23, in the current version of Unreal Engine.

But in the realm of mock and stratified reality, there is nothing like an eye mirror.