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H&M collaborates with Dress-X to launch a virtual fashion collection.

H&M is preparing to enter the virtual fashion world with the launch of a digital collection that will be distributed through a competition.

H&M will launch a competition on its official website on January 10 in a campaign led by the brand's sustainability advocate Maisie Williams, in which customers can win an exclusive look from the range. Dress-X, a digital and virtual clothing platform, collaborated on the creation of the virtual fashion collection. An oversized shimmering vest, an orange sparkly cable knit, and a pair of glowing baggy trousers are all part of the collection. The looks from the collection will only be available as a prize for the competition, and will not be sold or manufactured, in keeping with the brand's sustainability goals.

"This means no waste, no packaging, and no transportation," according to the announcement. Entrants must come up with a unique name for one of the looks and submit their suggestion to the competition's website. The deadline for submissions is January 31. Three winners will be chosen by a jury of representatives, and each will receive a digitally tailored image of themselves in their virtual garment. Recipients will be able to share the image on social media, complete with moving animation effects. The retailer previously experimented with virtual fashion in a collaboration with Nintendo's Animal Crossing, launching an in-game activation that allowed customers to visit an island dedicated to the retailer's sustainability values.

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The article was written by Amit Caesar and Bard

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