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five best games for Oculus quest 2

five best games for Oculus quest 2

You bought Oculus SS, congratulations. There are a lot of grand games on oculus S, both in the Oculus and Steam store that are worth the money you paid on the device, let's go over five games for the oculus ace that are really worth downloading once you get your oculus S.

5–Brass Tactics Arena

Abstract: WWII fantasy 4 × 4 on a huge live battlefield.

Developer: The Hidden Path of Entertainment

4 - PokerStars VR

Summary: Platforms like the Oculus Store and Steam do not allow real cash gambling, but it has not stopped the worldwide poker site PokerStars site from developing their own free to play casino VR casino spanning locations such as Macau, Monte-Carlo yacht, and Wild West. So while you can't play Texas Hold'em with this month's rent, you'll be able to polish the live poker game, complete with the ability to stack your chips and deal cards just like Vegas. Just hide those saying.

Developer: Lucky VR Inc.

3–The Lab

Synopsis: Some good demo games for virtual reality capabilities that can be downloaded from the Oculus and Steam store today.

Developer: Lucky VR Inc.

2—Rec Room

Summary: Rec room is not just a game, but a social application that contains several fascinating and fun games within it. You will get swept up in multiplayer adventures, casual sports, and the newest addition to just the Royal Battle Royale-style shooter. The anti-gravity group is always updating too, so there is usually always a fresh co-op to conquer.

Key against gravity

1—Echo Arena

Synopsis: Sports game futuristic team that includes unique adjustments to Zero-G maximum. A free game that puts you in the battlefield of a ready-to-battle robot armed with weapons and abilities.

Dead and Buried

Summary: Step into a world full of guns and ghosts in Dead and Buried. You have touch controllers, so there's no reason not to be the best gun in the Wild West of the Dead.

Developer: Oculus / Gun Fire Games

Lucky’s Tale

Summary: The Story of Luck is a delightful platforming adventure game designed only for Oculus - it's just like Sonic in virtual reality just cooler.

Key: Naughty Corp.

Archangel: Hellfire – Enlist Free

Dragon Front

Synopsis: Play head online on an occupation strategy from Oculus Rift, Gear Vear, this is a World War II game that mixes fantasy with World War II in 4 × 4 online games on the liveliest battlefield.

Facebook's new virtual reality glasses have just launched

Oculus Quest 2

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