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Are you excited about the Manova VR headset as well?

THE HISTORY Chinese startup XR Space Manova VR headset mobile virtual reality headset will receive a limited exclusive trial in Germany through Deutsche Telekom, while a Wi-Fi-only version will soon be available for purchase across Europe.

Now on xrspace.io, the Wi-Fi-only 64GB XR Space Manova VR headset is available and comes in two editions.

The consumer edition costs €499, while it requires €599 for the company headset.

The more expensive business version comes with an extended warranty and owners will be able to contact the startup's support team in Taiwan, XR Space Manova VR headset told VRisrael2013.

From 14 December, four hundred Deutsche Telekom customers can get their hands on a 5G and 4G-enabled Manova, so they can test and analyze the headset alongside the social and connectivity site XR Space Manova VR headset, which is billed as a social virtual reality space close to Facebook Horizon.

In July, XR Space Manova VR headset launched a collaboration with Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan and a search engine rollout program is underway in China through Baidu and China Telecom.

Nikitas Glykas, XRSpace Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: "We thrilled that after three years of breakthrough development, XR Space Manova VR headset will be available before Christmas through our website in Germany and the rest of the EU countries."

Manova removes controllers and allows users to use hand gestures.
Manova is a virtual reality headset reset. It removes controllers and allows wearers to navigate and communicate with the XR Space, social network using hand movements and gestures.

According to Peter Chou, founder and former HTC chief executive officer, the social virtual network itself does not provide "solitary applications" but offers "many public and private spaces" where users can "socialize, work and play together."

The social network of XR Space Manova VR headset will allow users to socialize, work and play together.

As a result, XR Space Manova VR headset is collaborating to develop its ecosystem with a set of content partners. They strive to build unique connections that involve entertainment, education, gaming, e-commerce, and more. Science VR, Magik LOHAS, Air Pano, Angry Birds, GoPro, Insta360 and Magic Horizons are among our partners.

Commenting on the announcement, Sting Tao, XRSpace President, says: "The power of 5G XR will bring people together when it has never been more important to interact with others, surpassing the limited smartphone experience today, and taking VR to the next level."

"They delighted us to offer our partner Deutsche Telekom customers an exclusive user trial, which plays a major role in helping us bring XR to the masses and redefine how people connect, socialize and consume content."

Wolfgang Groening, Deutsche Telekom's vice president of XR and immersion, says: "We believe that AR and VR will take us to the next era of digital media use, and we look forward to partnering with XR Space."

Groening claims that XR' will replace the smartphone with a range of software and devices.'

"He continues: "In this, Deutsche Telekom plays a leading role by helping to bring technologies to the mass market, by creating enticing goods for our customers, by linking people and by providing everyone with the best possible experience quickly and easily. On the verge of the new XR age, we are continuing to follow this objective.