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Apple is betting big on virtual and mixed reality.

Apple is betting on virtual reality and combined reality

Apple will launch an enriched reality helmet in 2020, and a year later, an enriched reality glass. This is according to a report by The Information based on internal company meetings.

The product reportedly released 15 years after the first iPhone will look like Facebook's Oculus Quest, but will also include cameras that can scan the environment and identify objects. Facebook's biggest competitor will be Microsoft that produces Hollow-Lance, an enriched reality helmet designed primarily for armies and commercial organizations, and less for the private consumer.

Apart from Microsoft, Magic Lip also works with enriched reality glasses, and there are many other startups, some of whom have introduced prototype glasses with lenses with the thickness of ordinary eyewear, through which you can see 3D animation that is "projected" into the environment.

In order for the helmet to be sold with content and apps, by I expect 2021 Apple to contact developers to work on applications.

The prototype of the enriched reality glasses, which will released in 2023 according to Apple's plan, looks like sunglasses, with a thick frame where the battery and processor are. They will not depend on an external device hung on the belt and attached to the cable, as with glasses and helmets today.

Apple already supports reality-enriched with the latest iPhones, and objects can projected onto reality - for example, to place furniture in the living room and see how they fit in at home, or two measure objects without a tape measure, and to know if a suitcase-sized suitcase for boarding.