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Apple has quietly hired virtual reality and augmented reality experts.

Apple has quietly recruited vr / Ar experts under the radar for years. When will we see their integrated reality glasses?

For a few years now that we've been in virtual reality Israel 2013, gathering pieces of information across the web about Apple's stratified reality glasses, I have to admit that they keep it really secret, but are at an advanced stage.

Apple, not talking about revolutionary developments usually before there is a well-cooked product, and so far everything has rumored, now I finally have a credible source that Apple has entered the realm of mockery / stratified reality, my source is Apple itself.

In recent days, I have come across a network of virtual reality / laminated developer sites Apple is recruiting experts from.

Apple also acknowledges that the experts it recruits are going to integrate with its thousands of existing virtual reality laminated developers in order to develop the virtual reality / laminated platform for Apple systems faster.

When you connect all the points and information available on the Internet, you can certainly understand that Apple is entering the realm of mock / stratified reality.

In the meantime, anyone who really needs Apple virtual reality glasses will have to use tolerance.

Let's see what Apple is developing in a stratified reality right now.

Apple is currently working on integrating AR and VR goggles for at least five years, according to previous reports, to Apple two major products in development. One, which is reportedly answered by code N421, and these are light laminated reality glasses, while the other glasses called code N301 and say these are reality mix glasses that will combine the best between laminated reality and virtual reality.

According to rumors and reports:

Apple N301 Virtual Reality Glasses have a similar design to Facebook's Facebook-eyed Oculus Quest.