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14 VR games we must play in 2020

14 VR games we must play in 2020

Happy New Year everyone, this is Dr. VR \ AR Amit Caesar, wow already 2020, who would have believed? VR is amazing, 2019 has been good for virtual reality 2020 will be crazy, even because of the abundance of new games, 2020 brings with it a host of huge budget titles, the new games should put us in more time in our virtual reality glasses.

Right now it's raining outside and maybe that's it at all, so I sat down and translated and wrote you a great game article, for all the outside VR platforms, Steam VR Rift, Vive, Windows MR, Valve Index Oculus Quest and PSVR, etc.

An update I received from ROAD TO VR: PlayStation 5 is due for the 2020 holiday season, PlayStation 5 comes with a host of new games for PSVR, including the first model to work. (PS VR is not VR spot) Sony has not yet announced the second iteration of PSVR, so we hope to learn more about the PSVR platform games soon.

Game Name: Half-Life: Alyx

Virtual Reality Glasses: valve index Steam VR

Developing Company: Valve

Release Date: March 2020

It's a story about an impossible fight against a cruel alien race known as the Combine, the match happens between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2. Playing as Elix and you are the only chance for humanity to survive.

Game Name: Iron Man

Virtual Reality Glasses: PSVR

Developing Company: Camouflaj

Release Date: February 28, 2020

Game: Iron Man, Superman for Virtual Reality, The Armor Avenger "in an Original Iron Man Adventure! Using two PlayStation Move motion controllers enter Iron Man's shoes, including his entire stockpile, a vast arsenal of iconic weapons. Eliminate Iron Man's biggest enemies from the movies.

Game Name: After the Fall

Virtual Reality Glasses: Steam VR, PSVR

Developer: Vertigo Games

Release Date: 2020

Explore the land remnants of civilizations in the alternate 1980s, create tools and weapons, and use super-destructive forces with real-life movements.

Game Name: Phantom: Covert Ops

Virtual Reality Glasses: Rift, Quest

Developer: n Dreams

Release Date: 2020

Use weapons and military equipment to evade and neutralize enemy threat. Get in touch with the destinations, filter out without paying attention to the shadows:  hidden phantom in a stealth adventure.

Virtual Reality Glasses: Rift, Quest

Developer: n Dreams

Release Date: 2020

Studio Description: Sent to hostile wet areas in your tactical kayak, use weapons and military equipment to dodge and counter enemy threat. Contact your deadly targets or sneak in without notice from the shadows: This is your task to follow. Phantom: they redefine an undercover character as a stealth act.

Game Name: Lone Echo II

Virtual Reality Glasses: Rift

Developing Company: Ready at dawn

Release Date: Q1 2020

Studio Description: Jack and Liv again in Lone Echo II. Returning to Saturn's Rings in the much-anticipated sequel Let's solve the Lone Echo mysteries and travel deeper into space - beyond the limits of time itself.

Name of the game: Medal of Honor

Virtual Reality Glasses: Rift

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Release Date: 2020

"Medal of Honor": Medal of Honor Above and beyond is a wonderfully action-packed and amazing VR experience that takes place in World War II, where you enter the boots of the Strategic Services Office (OSS) in war-torn Europe. A great single-player campaign that takes you through historical, land, air and sea events, sabotage Nazi bases, eliminate enemy plans, help the French underground, and much, much more.

Game Name: low fi vr

Virtual Reality Goggles: Rift, oculus quest Steam VR

Developing Company: IRIS VR

Release Date: End of 2020

Are you a sheriff? A retro-futuristic slum in cyber-punk, where the unit's residents are the "low". Humans are too poor to enter a platform or old robots that have not achieved intelligence. What you do with your time depends on you. Are you good cops or punk criminals?

Game Name: Vertigo 2

Virtual Reality Goggles: Rift, Quest, Steam VR

Developing Company: Zach Cyakalis-Brown, Errol Bosey

Publisher: Zulubo Productions

Release Date: 2020

Studio Description: Vertigo 2 is a single-player VR adventure. Explore the depths of the vast quantum reactor as it descends to the end of your journey home.

Game Name: Sniper Elite VR

Virtual Reality Glasses: Steam VR, PSVR

Developing Company: Rebellion, Just Add Water

Departure date: 'soon'

Studio Description: The Stealth Experience of Battle zone Manufacturers and Sniper Elite 4, with Just Add Water, Come Fight for Italian Resistance in a Bold Mission to Get Rid of World War II Sicily from Nazi Danger.

Game Name: Solaris: Out-of-World 

Virtual Reality Glasses: Rift, Quest, PSVR

Developer: First Contact Entertainment

Release Date: 2020

Description: Solaris: Off-world Combat is a multi-player game developed by First Contact Entertainment, the studio behind Firewall Zero Hour 2018.

Game Name: The Office

Virtual Reality Glasses: Steam VR, PSVR, PC, PS4

Developer: Cyan Worlds

Release date: July 2020

Studio Description: The office is a fantastic journey, lush through diverse fields and deep and exciting guidance on the mentor's emotional chronicle.

Game Name: The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Virtual Reality Glasses: Rift, Quest, Steam VR, PSVR

Developer: Skydance Interactive

Release Date: January 23, 2020

The Walking Dead Game, your decisions are important. Every challenge you face and a decision you make changes the plot. Here, I let you decide what the plot is.

Game name: One population

Virtual Reality Goggles: Steam VR, Quest

Developer: BigBox VR

Release Date: 2020

A battle royale game from the studio behind the indie VR hit and smash box Arena 2016 hit. In VR.