vr chil - מאוורר למשקפי מציאות מדומה

vr chil 2020 כאן! כעת עם בקרת מהירות מתכווננת, תמיכה בכל סוגי משקפי המציאות המדומה, חוויית המציאות המדומה שלכם משודרגת לרמת נוחות חדשה לגמרי.

  • קטגוריה: מוצרים וחלקים נוספים ל MR \ AR \ VR
  • מק"ט / ברקוד: NH4


The new virtual reality glasses fan 2020 here! Now with adjustable speed control, support for all types of virtual reality glasses, your virtual reality experience column upgrades to a whole new level of comfort.

Simple setup and operation, one minute installation, powered by the virtual reality power port or external power bank, new in model, digital speed control to regulate your cooling needs, long press to stop or resume very comfortable and elegant design and no less important The fan is completely foldable.


6 modes (sleep, silent, low, medium, high, max)

Maximum consumption 200mAh

Consumption of 0mAh in sleep

DC input power (5V)

70,000 hours life expectancy

31mm x 31mm x 11mm for each side

40 grams in total

The kit also has

Universal mounting components


USB C adapter to USB A

Allen key


1Oculus QuestYes Power Kit recommended for charge + chill and play
2HTC ViveYes DAS and wireless compatible
3HTC Vive ProYes wireless compatible
4Valve IndexYes 
5Pimax 5k/8k SeriesYesThe design of the Pimax port introduces mechanical whine when the [VR N CHILL] is running into the audio stream. For best experience we recommend running the with a power bank.
6Oculus GoYes requires C to Micro adapter
USB C female to micro USB male
7PSVRYes requires PowerWill require Power Kit and user supplied powerbank
8Gear VR (all versions)Yes requires PowerWill require Power Kit and user supplied powerbank
9Google CardboardYes requires PowerWill require Power Kit and user supplied powerbank
10WMR (Odyssey, Acer, Asus, etc.)Awaiting TestingWill require Power Kit and user supplied powerbank
11Oculus RiftAwaiting TestingWill require Power Kit and user supplied powerbank
12Oculus Rift SYes requires PowerWill require Power Kit and user supplied powerbank
13Vive FocusUntested 
14Vive CosmosUntested 
15Google DaydreamNoFabric covering does not provide suitable mounting surfac

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