3drudder VR

הניחו את רגליכם על 3DRudder וחוו תנועה במשחקים שלכם כמו שלא היו מעולם. התקדמו קדימה, אחורה, נעו שמאלה וימינה, סובבו, וזזו למעלה ולמטה. אתה יכול להאיץ, להאט ולעצור מייד.

  • קטגוריה: מוצרים וחלקים נוספים ל MR \ AR \ VR
  • מק"ט / ברקוד: sg57


Experience incredible VR\AR games

Put your feet on 3dRudder and experience movement in your games like never before. Move forward, backward, move left and right, rotate, and move up and down. You can accelerate, slow down, and stop right away.

Get excited about virtual reality like you've never thought, walking, running in FPS games, the 3DRudder lets you move your character with incredible ease

Suitable for pilot, steer simulators, fly your aircraft or ship up to 4 axes and perform amazing Movement, like feeling in a helicopter around 360 degrees

The 3DRudder gives you free motion access with full motion control. Simply place your feet on the 3DRudder, tilt it, rotate it, or press your feet to control the movement of the games you love. 

The 3DRudder have 6 axis motion in 3DRudder, Forget about teleportation or room-scale restrictions and move freely, your hands can finally focus on shooting and you can concentrate more on your games.

The 3dRudder is compatible with VR games purchased on Steam VR and the Oculus Store.

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