Woojer strap feedbacks

This is the next step If you're ready to take the ride of your life, then buy the Feedback ™ Strap you'll know you're about to hit! With haptic hi-res feedback, you will literally limp after you get hit on the battlefield. And if it's a different kind of hit, you will feel drums kicking you instead of hitting.

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guitar pick

Weight: 242gr

Belt width: 5cm

Size: One size fits all

Connectivity: Standard 3.5mm audio jack & Bluetooth

Battery capacity: 4.2V; 3.5Ah

Bluetooth range: 10 meters

In the box

One size fits all strap

Two 32mm Osci ™ Actuators.

Audio cable with 3.5mm jacks

Micro USB charging cable

Instruction manual

Carrying peacock