Virtual Reality Glasses HTC Vive COSMOS Elite

Vive COSMOS Elite virtual reality glasses from HTC, the new generation of cosmos cameras. Get the most impressive VIVE visual resolution to date. Dive into virtual reality with a simple installation, expand your range of motion with six camera sensors.

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PC-VR for select games - precision movements from every possible angle

SteamVR tracking and advanced controls for water accuracy and almost unlimited freedom of movement.

Swing a bat behind the head, change the swords - and make moves at all angles quickly and smoothly.

Base Station 1.0 gives an operating area of up to 160 square meters - for those who demand the best in VIVE VR games.

Take a look at the smaller details in VR games

See the virtual world with a combined 2880x1700 pixel resolution - 88% higher than previous VIVE glasses. The new LCD screen panels reduce the distance between the pixels, and deliver the screen door effect.

A moving sound

Rich stereo audio combined with headphones that fit the shape of the ears. Experience great sound under extended VR adventures.

Who is the date for gamers

Reduce disruptions in your VR sessions. Enter and exit the virtual world freely using the only reversible headphone design in style.

The glasses are suitable for a wide variety of face shapes, the type of vision, the use of the hotel over the glasses.

Manufactured with easy-to-clean connectors to simplify headphone maintenance.


Lighthouse tracking

Base Station 1.0 produces accurate external tracking. Cut, punched and spun with great precision

Clear and crystalline graphics

Come and enjoy VIVE's most central home resolution and minimalist screen effects. See worlds full of details as they are supposed to look

Inverted design

Switch between reality and virtual reality with the opposite design - and all without disrupting the journey to your VR

Headphone data

Display: 3.4-inch dual diagonal screen

Resolution: 1440x1700 per eye, approximately 2880x1700 combined

Refresh rate: 90 Hz

Field of view: 110 degrees

Audio: Stereo headphones

Input: 2 integrated microphones, headphone button.

Connection: DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0

Sensors: G sensor, gyroscope, IPD sensor


• Adjustable IPD

• Adjustable head strap

• Opened reality glasses

Sign data

Sensors: SteamVR tracking

Input: system button, 2 application buttons, trigger, bumper, joystick, grip button

Connection: Micro-USB charging port

Tracking space requirements

Standing / sitting:

No space requirements

Required room size:

A mini game requires a room measuring 11.5 "by 11.5"

Computer requirements

Video card: Equivalent to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 4GB / AMD Radeon ™ R9 290 4GB or higher

Processor: Equivalent to Intel® Core ™ i5-4590 or AMD FX ™ 8350 or higher

Memory :: 4 GB RAM and up

Video connection: DisplayPort 1.2 or later

USB connection: USB 3.0 connection and above

Operating System: Windows 10

Inside the package

VIVE Cosmos Elite

VIVE 1.0 base station

2 game signs

Power adapter

Mini DP to DP adapter

2 VIVE Compound Adapters Base Station 1.0

Power adapter for signs

Hanging kit

DisplayPort / USB 3.0 split cable

VIVE Cosmos Elite cable

Micro USB cable