Virtual Fly - Flight Sim Throttle Quadrant – TQ6 PLUS

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Product information "Virtual Fly - Flight Sim Throttle Quadrant – TQ6 PLUS"

We wanted to make the best Throttle Quadrant in the market, so now we've added a PLUS. Hall effect magnetic sensors make this a Life-Long product. Your hands even more for real. Adjustable strength on the levers travelling for a more accurate and real touch. Reverse, feather and cut-off functions with detention zone. Compatible with FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D and XPlane.

Incredibly real! Designed to simulate the minimum effort exerted in real aircraft. Unique amongst its kind. Adjust the pressure to the one you wish to exert on the controls.


  • Prepared for piston engines, turbo-propellers and turbo-fan (reactors); each control is set at a different height and has a different colour, just like on real aircraft
  • Controls 100% manufactured from metal
  • Power controls with THROTTLE accelerator area and REVERSE area
  • Propeller control with RPM variable pitch area and FEATHER area
  • Mixing controls with a MIXTURE and CUT OFF area
  • The 2 zones for each control are distinguished using screen printing on the entire piece, though they can also be distinguished by touch thanks to a mechanical element that brakes the control between the 2 positions
  • Two holding types: through hollows in the platform base or with double position sergeant
  • Compatible with FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D and XPlane
  • Connectivity: USB


  • Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
  • With pressure adjuster in the controls
  • Ultra-real feel
  • With areas for REVERSE, FEATHER and CUT-OFF detention zone
  • Plug and Play technology

Dimensions: Length: 125.4 mm / Width: 226 mm / Height: 172.5 mm
Weight: 3 kg