VActive made in israel

VActive made in israel use smartpone

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VActive , the first affordable Israeli -made AR headset 
• Weight: 280 grams משקל
• Suitable for smartphones up to 52 inches סמארטפונים עד
• Polycarbonate durable Screen and Perspex body 
• Acrylic Magnifying Glass X3 זכוכית מגדלת
• Industry premium 3-layers face sponge  ספוג
• Black color שחור
Suitable for a variety of uses:
This piece of art is made for people on the move : Watch projected content while on the move
Watch movies and videDREAM compatible joystick for Android devices
The variety of things you can do with AR glasses is endless.
Currently there are only 20 units in stock.
Hurry quickly before it is overo lessons while you are hands free and you can  see the environment
You can teach a whole class that sees the lesson together, including the real environment.
Great for watching movies and games
Includes DAY