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Suit up, Your Virtual Sense. Tactsuit brings ‘sense of touch’ to virtual reality more closely than ever before imaginable. Most elaborate haptic feedback brings gaming, entertainment and other interactive content to the next level by bringing most profound emotional connections between the artifical world and users. PC Gaming, Level Up Your Gaming Potential Now you can detect risks most quickly than ever before. Directional audio-to-haptic for 7.1 sound channel allows you to feel the direction of the gunshots, bombs and footsteps. Our stimulating physical interface converts and delivers directional sound inputs into haptic feedback real-time without latency The Last Piece to Complete VR

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Touching the Future of Music, Movie and more

Movie, music, you name it! With TactSuit everything will be new. With the rumbling bass you feel instead of hear, dynamic rhythms played on your body, the combination of our perfectly tuned audio-to-haptic system for each genre of the media creates most dramatic and unique experience.

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TactSuit Series

From Head to Toe,
Five Devices for Your Virtual Experience

Tactsuit creates a new way to experience virtual reality, a physical interface between the virtual world and a user’s skin.


Most Elaborate and Diverse Sense of Touch

Feel snake swirling around your body, shocks from gunshots and gentle hugs you share.

The combination of various haptic patterns using 70 individually controllable haptic points

mimics the real touch more closely than ever before imaginable.

The Freedom of Wireless Technology

No Wires, No restriction. Of course No latency.

All devices are connected via BLE, so you can enjoy active gameplay

without any restriction of movement.

One Size Fits All

Fun comes in all shapes and sizes.

Tactsuit devices are designed to fit everyone from teens to adults.

Just Pull and Strap around your body to dive into virtual world.

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