Projector for Interactive Games and Education Model: Julius 2020

Julius 2020 from a quality fund for those interested, the operation until September 2019 or the inventory final

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Specifications of Julius 2020-Wall Interactive Game Platform Listing Education Projector


Num Name Spare Parts Display Quantity Unit Brand Model Function Price

1 Shell 1 set Dingshang, Mantong Mantong Projecting Smash Ball Appearance Display

2 Hanging Bracket 1 set Jingdong

3 Encryption USB 1 Piece Mantong

4 "Mainframe

CPU "1 Piece Jingshi" H81M (Jijia)

4160 (CPU)

4G (Memory)

Radiator Fan "

5 Display Card 1 Piece Jingshi "Angda730

1G "

6 1 Piece Yingchi 64G

7 Collecting Card 2 Piece Jingshi PCI TV Card 713 Video Collecting Card

8 Power 1 Piece Jingshi hangjia300W

9 Camera 2 Piece “Hongshijia

Jingshi "" Hongjiashi2.8MM

HJS-806GD "" With Wire

With BNC

With 12V Power "

10 Infrared Light 1 Piece “Hongshijia

Jingshi "SA6-60-C-IR With 12V Power

11 Projector 1 Piece Epson CB-S05 "X316ST (Short Lens)

3200Lumen "

12 Sounder 1 Piece ”USB Power

Mini Model "

13 Wireless Mouse 1 Piece Leibo Wireless Receving

14 10meters Video Wire 2 Piece

15 ”Power Wire

VGA Wire

6 hole outlet

10m RedBlack Wire "" 2


Length : 350MM

Width : 400MM

Height : 400MM Able to raise & fall

Running Method : Sensing Simulating

Power : 500W

Voltage : 220V

    Automatic Circulation

20 built-in games as a gift

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