oculus quest VR Stand

About the product Designed specifically for Quest VR headset and Touch Controllers Conveniently charges and displays headset and recharges AA NiMH batteries (not included) LED battery status + 4.5 hour safety shutoff timer Universal Type C input, compatible with a wide range of power sources Includes Type C dongle for easy drop and charge of your Quest VR headset (this product is not currently compatible with the Quest Eyeglass spacer installed)

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Power Stand main

Power up and keep your gear safe with the Power Stand QVR.

Designed to neatly store your Oculus Quest VR headset and two Touch Controllers. The Power Stand QVR conveniently comes with a no-fuss Type C dongle to charge your device. The included NiMH AA rechargeable battery bay saves you money and the environment from having to use disposable AA batteries for your Touch Controllers. (rechargeable batteries are not included). Simply drop and charge for your next gaming adventure!

Easy Drop & Charge

Simple to use, find the Dongle accessory located in the battery bay compartment, plug it into your Quest VR headset and when you need to charge, no more fuss and having to plug and unplug a cable! Just simply place your Quest VR headset onto the dock and the dongle will be perfectly aligned with the charging contacts. It's Easy Drop & Charge. The Quest VR headset's LED indicator located on the left side (while facing the headset) will turn green while charging.

Custom USB C dongle

The Power Stand QVR comes with a super low profile Type C Dongle designed specifically to work with the dock and Quest VR headset. Just plug it in and next time you need to charge your Quest VR it's Easy to Drop & Charge.

AA rechargeable battery bay


Easy drop & charge

Dual AA Battery Bay for recharging AA NiMH batteries (rechargeable batteries not included).

Recommended AA Battery Cell Capacity 1600-2500 for optimum game play - (AA batteries for use in the Touch Controllers)

Dual LED indicators light up RED when charging and GREEN when ready to use.

Each battery charges separately - you can even charge batteries with different capacities.

Included Type C dongle stores in the Battery Bay compartment

Convenient, simple to use, no-fuss charging for your Quest VR headset. When your battery gets low just Drop & Charge.

Average recharge time is 2-3 hours on a fully depleted battery.

The Power Stand QVR uses your Quest VR headsets original Wall charger and cable (not included with this product).

Recommended wall charger 15W, compatible with most Type C cables and chargers, including Power Delivery/PD, QC, Apple chargers etc.

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