Manus VR הערכה המקצועית Manus VR DK2

  • Category: Controllers, sensors, gloves and equipment
  • SKU: ghj8


מה כוללת הערכה המקצועית Hardware NEW Manus VR DK2 - 1 pair of Manus VR DK 2 Gloves (left and right) - 1 pair of Vive Tracker Straps (left and right) - Long-range wireless dongle, proprietary low latency RF protocol - Full service hardware warranty: 12 months* Software - Unity Core Plugin - Unity Interaction Plugin (incl. advanced easy-to-use samples) - Unreal Core Plugin NEW 2019 Apollo Developer License for one PC - Intuitive 3D Dashboard with glove and dongle information - Easily connect and calibrate gloves - Supports up to ten pairs of gloves with ten wireless dongles at a time - Develop custom integration with C++ SDK - Stream glove data over the network