Magic Sand Table - An interactive sand gaming system

Interactive system for indoor development and thinking games for children and visitors - interactive sandbox, the magic sand table based on 3D tracking technology that maps the surface and detects human-computer interaction.

  • Category: Floor projectors, wall, interactive surfaces and display
  • SKU: sbn1


The Magic Sand Table is based on 3D surveillance technology that maps the surface and detects human-computer interaction, in the professional language interactive sandbox. Stimulating imagination and creativity.

The magic sand table is interactive so the participant in the game can get high altitude shots and running water and everything from the sand itself, you can describe it as the MINECRAFT live game.

The imagery gradually shows the topography of the ocean, continental shelf, coast, land, hills, and mountains. As long as you gently wave, you will have flowers and plants in the mountains and plains. If you move your fingers, the seagull or turtle will be afraid of example traffic. You can also roll into a volcano and more.