LapWorks VR Swivel Seat

LapWorks VR Swivel Seat - Lose Yourself in Virtual Reality - Safe, Comfortable, sit on The Floor and Spin 360 Degrees - Holds up to 250 pounds (16 inch, Gray)

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  • More coming soon! Spins 360 degrees - Safely explore Virtual Reality while sitting comfortably on the floor
  • No assembly - No battery or electronics - Built to Last - Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Heavy Duty Foam - Quality Engineered - Removable slip cover can be washed
  • For children and adults 12 and older - Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to reposition - Non-skid, non-scratch rubber pads on the bottom provide a stable platform.

LapWorks VR Swivel Seat let’s you lose yourself in the game or virtual world! No worries about tripping over your feet and falling. You’re already seated safely on the floor, so can spin freely with no effort or concerns to face the next challenge or explore the next environment.

Take your VR to the next level with quick and easy 360 spinning. There’s more to see and more to do everywhere around you! Don’t miss a thing, when you travel to distant worlds on your VR Swivel.

Our VR Swivel Seat rotates on 18 steel ball bearings and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. The top is padded with a 1.5 inch stiff foam cushion that will not compress over time. And the slip cover is removable and washable.

Compared to expensive, dedicated gaming chairs or office chairs, Lapworks VR Swivel Seat is inexpensive, lightweight and portable. Easily stored in a cabinet or closet when not in use or quickly bundled into a bag or backpack when traveling, you’ll never need to play without your VR Swivel.

Can be used on a stable chair or stool if there is room for a 16” diameter circle, but we encourage users to exercise caution when doing so.

It can be used on hard floors or on carpet. Non-skid, non-scratch rubber pads on the bottom provide a stable platform.

Also found by many to be useful for those with SPD (sensory issues).

LapWorks VR Swivel Seat

Light and portable

Easy to pick up and move, easy to put away, our low cost VR Swivel Seat beats swivel chairs on size, weight and cost.

360 Spinning for your 360 Game or VR videos

Some swivel chairs don’t spin a full 360, but with the VR Swivel Seat, you can spin around and around as much as you like. There’s more to see in VR. Make sure you can keep on turning.

Low Center of Gravity = Safe Use

Even experienced gamers may become dizzy in VR. It‘s a different world. And it depends on the game or video. For faster action, you may need the stability of sitting on the floor. Our VR Swivel Seat is designed for floor use. However, you can place the swivel on a chair or stool if the seat is at 12 inches diameter and has

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