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✅ Most Effective Hygiene Eye mask headset VR Masks on Market: Non-woven, High Quality, VR Covers ✅ Protect Face From Sweat, Acne, & Bacteria w/ Kaizen Spirit VR Quality, Durable VR Sanitary Mask! ✅ Easily Changeable & Disposable Hygiene Mask VR for Sharing between Friends, Parties, or Public. ✅ Disposable VR Mask is Skin Friendly, Soft, Breathable, Designed for Majority of Popular VR Masks. ✅ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE- If for any reason you aren't fully satisfied, receive 100% money

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Product description

Have you ever put on your VR Headset after one of your friends has finished an intense VR experience, only to find that the virtual reality mask covered with nasty sweat?

As you may have already seen, without a hygiene vr mask, bacteria and smell can accumulate to become quite gross on your VR Headset cover.

✅ The Kaizen Spirit VR disposable face cover mask designed for you to share your awesome virtual reality experiences with your people - not gross face sweat!

✅ #1 High Quality VR Sweat Band
100 Pack of Premium Non-woven Virtual Reality Disposable Face Masks to allow you to share the greatness of Virtual Reality experience, WITHOUT Sharing Nasty Sweat, Acne, and Bacteria!

Kaizen Spirit VR Hygiene VR mask Supported Devices: Oculus Quest, Oculus face cover, Gear VR, VR BOX, HTC Vive VR cover, Oculus Go, PlayStation VR, HoloLens, Microsoft MR Headset, and Various Others. Kaizen Spirit VR Mask Virtual Reality- Serves as Disposable oculus mask VR Cover for Rift, Quest, and Go. An oculus rift sweat cover.

✅ Compatible as an Oculus disposable mask, Oculus Rift Eye Mask Oculus Rift sanitary, VR Gear Cover, Gear VR band, VR Cover for Rift, Vive Eye Cover. VR Eye Cover Mask for Sharing VR Headsets with Improved Hygiene.
Kaizen Spirit VR Facemask- 100 Pack is Perfect for friends, parties, public events, or commercial VR usages.

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