COBRA GLOVES for Vicon, Optitrack & Vive

COBRA GLOVES for Vicon, Optitrack & Vive

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for Vicon, Optitrack & Vive

Matchless motion capture-Affordable precision-Peerless accuracy

-- COBRA gloves are the first choice for data collection, digital factory, robotics and high-end animation.


"27 years of research and all the finger mocap technology from Synertial's market-leading Cobra gloves were packed into the HTC VIVE ® Cobra VR glove"

-- Creator Ali Kord.


7, 13 or 16 Gloves capture sensor motions

Stand-alone, bundled with a suit or multiple pairs for optical platform use

Suitable for magnetic environments, self-calibrating sensors

Cinematic structures configured to the user

Instant calibration (the poses of configurable calibration)

Replace batteries, and continue capturing where you left off in MoBu, Unity, etc. without SW restart or recalibration.

Free Occlusion

Extremely precise clock in Optical rig integration sync system (Vicon, Motion Analysis, Optitrack)

RealTime, Unity, Unreal, and Siemens Jack in Motionbuilder

Free, easy-to-use SDK and samples included with MoCap SW

Detachable electronics; sizes change in minutes

Types of short and long-fingered gowns available

7-Sensor Gloves: Our 7-sensor gloves use interpolation to approximate untracked finger joints on all but 7 phalanges, using IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors; the 7th sensor is for the palm. The 7-sensor gloves are the state-of-the-art technology in axis-scaling which is proprietary to Synertial. The reason that no one has been able to provide a usable 7-sensor glove is that no one has been able to scale a sensor 's individual axis before (they can only scale the entire sensor, or nothing). Not only do our gloves interpolate each axis independently, they also allow the user to modify their rate for perfect (not hard-coded) fit.

13-Sensor Gloves: Our 13-sensor gloves leave only the tips of your fingers (distal phalanges) for interpolation. The 13-Sensor Glove is an all-arounder, most applications satisfying, except when applying force to the fingertips disrupts natural interpolation values, as tendons are forced backwards.

16-Sensor Gloves: All data pure except the pink fingertip.

Optional Sensors for the Lower Arm and Upper Arm: As many glove applications require arm data.

Glove / tap.jpg

What's Single?

Change glove sizes in minutes, Electronics detachable

Ambidextrous electronic glove, use as left or right glove

Metacarpal pinky and ring sensors (Palm Flex)

Self finger measuring system

Unique Jigs in Calibration

Editing of skeleton-modified takes

Scaling of user or skeletal motion per axis

Calibration modified by user poses



Revolutionary Flex Palm Sensors

Our 13 and 16-sensor finger motion capture gloves now include an additional palm-flex sensor to increase base and finger tips positionally accurate. No other motion capture gloves provide such thorough palm-flex measurement. Better palm-flex measurements are one of many ways that IGS gloves from Synertial outperform any existing finger movement capture gloves;


Perfect synchronisation with Optical Rigs

The best-in - class finger capture solutions from Synertial were specifically designed for Vicon 's Blade and the Motive software from Optitrack in mind:

Occlusion-free finger capture: fingers are almost always occluded during optical multi-person take-up; our Optinertial mocap gloves provide pre-solved finger and hand data perfectly synchronized with optical data.

Glove combinations: Intermix pairs of gloves with 7, 13 and 16 sensors as needed

KINEXACT HAND: Use the Kinexact-Hand software to accurately measure hand-skeleton performers

Instant Calibration: The Calibration Mittens of Synertial place the hands in the optimal position during instant calibration

4 Pairs on 1 PC: Manage up to four glove pairs per PC

Device Driver: All glove pairs within MoBu controlled by a single device driver

Sync Software: separate sync HW powered by hub processing (no extra sync power required)

Jam-Sync: HW sync with low-drift (jam-sync once or twice per session)

From inside blade or motif: start and stop glove from inside blade or motif is triggered

Frame time-stamps: Precise frame time-stamps up to 1/100 of a sec and up to 1000 FPS (standard 29.97)

Automatic Takes Naming: Glove-takes automatically share the same name with the respective optical names)

Hot-Swappable Batteries: Change batteries without restarting or recalibrating

Jpg calib.jpg


Synertial Pipeline Calibration

Key components to demand calibration of the IMU system:

Measurement: Finger bone length correct, almost impossible to manually determine, and

Structure: Exact matching of the skeleton of an actor's geometric structure to the geometric structure pre-configured in the matching calibration file, at the initialization instance.


Phalanx Length Measurement

Synertial has a tool for automated measurement of the phal length