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CaptoGlove is a wireless manual wearable interface for video games and software, virtual reality and smart devices that transform intuitive human hand movements into digital output or control commands.

CaptoGlove is a hand-held machine interface with advanced technology to accurately detect a wide range of hand and finger movements. These gestures translate into control commands that are sent directly to connected devices (such as PCs, VR headsets, Smart Home, Internet of Things, iOS / Android phones and tablets, etc.) to interact and control them faster, naturally and more efficiently.

CaptoGlove is set to work across multiple usage scenarios and can control almost any device with its Bluetooth connectivity (BTLE) connectivity. One glove can be used as a single controller or together with another CaptoGlove for use as a pair.

Most popular uses for CaptoGlove include as a controller for video games, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and smart home devices, as well as medical rehabilitation and vocational training tools (for example, to allow simulators to read and analyze hand movements).

technical details:

Technical Details:

Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE 4.0);

10 Degrees of Freedom (10DoF);

Triple-axis gyro;

Triple-axis accelerometer;

Triple-axis magnetometer;

1 barometer;

5 finger sensors capable of perceiving finger movement on the bending axis (resolution less than 1º of bend);

1 pressure sensor for thumb's fingertip able to perceive pressure from 100 g to 10 kg.

10 hours rechargeable (3.7V USB-Mini USB cable) Li-ion Polymer Battery;

Index and Thumb compatible with capacitive screens;

Washable and breathable textiles;

Very low latency;

Pre-installed suite of advanced algorithms for a variety of operating conditions;

Advanced CaptoGlove Suite for multiple gestures assignment on each of the 10 DoF and finger movements.