360 chair for virtual reality

360 chair for virtual reality make money in your buisnes today from VR

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360 degree virtual reality chair

Realistic & amazing audio-visual experiences

5DOF 360 ° Spinning VR

product name

5DOF Motion effects

3DOF (up / down, left / right & forward / back) + 2OF (360 ° left / right)

Special effects

Rain, wind, etc.

Seat capacity

One session

Servo motor speed

0-3000r / min

Vibration frequency


Reduced speed reduction ratio


The pitch movement

Range of pitch ± 15 °

Pitch speed 0-30º / s

Step effect 0-60º / s ^ 2

Motion Precision Location

0.1 mm

Traffic to traffic

Tilt range ± 7º

Tilting speed 0-30º / s

Acceleration bias 0-60º / s ^ 2

Dynamic response time



PU leather or customized material

Working temperature


Noise (dB)


Platform movement

Lifting range 0-160 mm

Lifting speed 0-200mm / s

0.5G acceleration acceleration

Provide power

220v / 2.25kw

Motion Seat Weight (kg)


The soil is loading capacity

≥ 350 kg / m2 ^

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