World War II episode, what developments does virtual reality 2019 look like?

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Hi everyone, how are you, this is a colleague of Caesar and I have come to do some preparation for what is expected of us in 2019 in virtual reality.

As I said in a previous article, the market is boiling, everyone wants to be inside and be in their cause, and I'm not just talking about the giant companies and countries, I'm talking about the market itself that is starting to mature, consumers around the world are beginning to realize that virtual reality will not go away, it's going to take us to places no one is through In them never.

Virtual reality will allow anyone to be a hero to Val, in the future virtual reality will connect to the brain through a direct computer interface (reminding you something?)

We will live in virtual reality that we cannot differentiate from one reality to another, all realities will be just as real as we are currently defining reality, but before that happens, we will see different and different technologies that will try to connect us to digital space, such as: virtual reality contact lenses, gloves, technologies Eye tracking and more and more and more ... I will try this article to put some order in the coming mess.

Not only in the field of hardware will we see significant changes in the coming years, but also in the field of software, we can already see the development of serious gaming companies that are developing serious titles.

The problem right now, in my opinion, is that the amazing technologies we will see in 2019 are shared among some global VR giants, let's talk about the developments and companies:

Vive Pro EYE 2019

HTC Vive Pro Eye, this virtual reality glasses integrated with eye tracking, vive submitted the documents for review by the FCC.

Which means in virtual reality glasses vive pro eye we will see eye tracking in 2019, for those who have previously tried virtual reality glasses that have eye tracking such as fove will immediately understand that this is a game changer, eye tracking in virtual reality is required.

Quest, Rift S 2019

In 2019 we will see Oculus models such as: Quest, Rift S, both models will work in, in side out, and in fact, Oculus joins Microsoft and the real-world mix glasses that work in the same method.

Valve Index and Knuckles 2019

VALVE virtual reality glasses will be sent to customers beginning June 15, and the new glasses are rumored to support gestures as well as put our hands into virtual reality, provided accurate information is the first glasses to be used in 2019, plus the company will release the joysticks Its new Knuckles in the kit, these are new generation signs that give a sense and feedback.

pimax 8K 2019

The truth is that I am very excited, soon the first pimax 8Ks will arrive in Israel, the thing that most lowers me from virtual reality after I solved the cable disorder and switched to wireless, is that now virtual reality is like a diver who sees the virtual universe through circular lenses of a mask or windows Of a submarine, pimax doesn't have that thing, although the glasses are bigger, but when I'm in virtual reality I don't care what reality looks like.

A huge end-to-end screen with crazy resolution, no longer the annoying circles and that's what I'm personally waiting for.

Another and very exciting thing, Pimax - pimax assures that eyeglasses will work on eye tracking. For those who do not know, eye tracking is a must in virtual and laminated reality. Human eyes see in the center of the eye and as you move away the pupil faces out and the resolution of the human eye decreases. Because today in virtual reality glasses, the whole screen radiates high quality when there is no need, the human eye sees blur as I explained and so it is better to be sharp only where you look and so the graphics on the sides you see blurry will blurry what a full memory saves.

In addition to eye tracking it will be natural for us, we do not really look from the neck as in VR (came out rhyme) you look a lot from the corner of the eye, such as passing a beautiful girl, or already handsome.

The bottom line will be much more comfortable when using virtual reality in a sample bed to move only the eyes and not the whole head.

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