World War Chapter 3, The Rise of Machines?

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Hi Friends Again Fellow Emperor of Virtual Reality Israel, in this article we will talk about the next few years in virtual reality and although READY PLAYER ONE is a good movie, Steven Spielberg is already old, he no longer sees the future at the right pace, in the number one actor movie he supposedly presents A future where everyone is connected to virtual reality with VR equipment that already exists today, in all sorts of illogical solutions, and the equipment in the movie already exists at the time of the movie itself, it seems as if our Stephen has not done enough research.

Pictures from the movie, actor # 1




Spielberg?!?!? What is this puppet string installation? Does that make sense to you? Have you ever played in virtual reality at all?

What did Spielberg like, I liked, is that the glasses the character uses in this movie are virtual reality glasses with a wide field of view and I also liked the design.

In any case, I would like to show Mr. Spielberg what the very near future in the realm of virtual reality will look like (there is also a stratagem, but let's focus).

And that's just a few of the existing technologies:


Although the image from the movie Avatar but the idea is similar, a company called (FDVR) develops a virtual reality interface, the difference that the future virtual reality will not work on glasses everything will be a computer brain interface.

Anyone who wants to do FALL DIVE on the technology is invited to this link 


Screen lenses will probably be used in quantum technology in the not too distant future, so virtual reality glasses won't be with us for a relatively long time.


So for those who haven't heard about Elon Musk's company, acknowledge Nirolink, our company's goal is unequivocally to connect our computer and brain to virtual reality.

It is important to note that today's virtual reality is in the first mobile era and the smartphone period will equal Musk's neolink, a computer-based virtual brain-based reality, 10 years roof for those who think it's really far away.

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