What will the future look like in virtual reality MR / VR? chapter One

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What will the future look like in virtual, laminated and integrated realities? How will this affect humans as a society? What does the future hold for us? Is there a risk to humanity? And maybe this is the next step in our evolution as humans to interfere with the machine? Exactly on these topics I will deal with my new series of articles, my name is Amit Caesar from Virtual Reality Israel and I put you together with me in your rabbit hole Alice.

It was very difficult for me to decide where to start. The simulated reality technology that has returned from the abyss is gaining momentum and is emerging as the most significant technology we have known to date that will shake our understanding of reality from the ground up.

In a previous article, we told you the birth story of technology from its inception until today. In the next article, I'll tell you what I know is going to happen in the coming years to the future that I see by using a lot of imagination and healthy logic.

Let's go over some details about existing virtual reality technologies, and let's start with Microsoft, which is working hard on the first of its kind of virtual reality glasses, it's a second model of the company. Technology that looks like it came out of a science fiction movie, laminated reality glasses from Microsoft HoloLens or in English HoloLens, will be the first to talk about them because this is truly breakthrough technology.

Before we talk about Microsoft's layered reality glasses and Magic Lip, I want to illustrate the new technology to you, let's watch a short video from Microsoft and later see Magic Lip.

I laminate the glasses you see in the video reality glasses, and unlike virtual reality glasses, you can see the reality we know by incorporating holograms into layers of existing reality.

The Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses, or Magic Lip, are reflections that already exist today, but right now, Microsoft is selling its new layered reality glasses to developers only.

As we know every new product to be expensive and over time, the price slowly falls until the price fits every pocket. Note that Microsoft laminated reality glasses do not require a cable or a computer. These are smaller glasses than virtual reality glasses, so that when you use them, you can simply hang them on the shirt.

The developers at Microsoft and Magic Leap are working on some very interesting projects. For example:

On trips anywhere in the world, you can ask for the glasses to explain to you about the place and immediately give you a detailed explanation of the place, including a virtual display of what animation and holograms. It makes reality a kind of living dream and the laminated reality glasses can take you to when you built the city or structure you are looking at just like back in time, in fact, you do not have to leave home, the trip can come home to you .

Another example, think that you are driving a car when you wear glasses. You can see both Wiz and the road safely. In fact, today I already see the day after the smartphones and TVs (all the physical screens).

The vision of Microsoft and Magic Lip eliminates the need for a smartphone, not the entire world will be our desktop and by voice control and gestures will dominate the world of integrated reality.

If we want to see a movie, simply say the word "movie" and the glasses will cost us a movie screen. Wherever we go, in the kitchen, on the street, in the train, and at work, as if we were taking a 100-inch TV or whatever size you want anywhere, if you want to enlarge the screen, just use your fingers just like a smartphone just in the air. In addition, we can select several screens at once or several apps that simultaneously run around the world, we can broadcast movies to friends and watch together the virtual space that can be on a mountain in Tibet or the moon.

It is important to note that I am working overtime myself to analyze the new technology that will change our lives. For example, you can see that people are meeting less now than before. Thanks to What's UP, Facebook, Skype we are now more connected in the virtual space and less physically connected.

Think for a moment that if you want to meet are friends, you can decide on Mars and the holograms of you all will be on Mars and really look at each other and if you want to, you can star together or create whatever plot you want what will happen to the reunions in the real world? Why be used to it every day is an adventure in which you are the heroes.

Here are videos that showcase Microsoft holograms and laminated reality glasses Holulence 2. In the second video you will see what a hologram looks like in integrated reality.

As you understand, you do not have to leave home at all, the world can come to you, and I would like to give an example: One answer to a significant question in science today is:

If there are so many stars in the universe and so many well-developed cultures in the universe, the Drake formula also has a formula, so where is everyone? And one answer to this troublesome question is that once a culture develops a virtual reality, it no longer has to go anywhere really, I went out of context a bit and we'll go back to that later.

Going back to the magic leap integrated reality glasses, HOLOLENS 2, think you're driving a car when you wear mixed reality glasses you can see Wiz and the road safely, think all physical devices gone, no TV, computer, smartphone or anything needed to communicate, Watch, or consume. (side effect All annoying cables and physical devices will no longer needed)

In fact, even today, I see the day after smartphones and TVs, as I already said Microsoft's vision and rivalry magic leap eliminates the need for physical devices, the entire world will be our desktop and by voice control and gestures, we will rule the AR world, and now the queue Magic Lip, YouTube of Integrated / Layered Reality Glasses MAGIC LEAP:

So, as you understand, the Star Trek hologram room came to life. Just think of the endless uses that this technology will provide.

No doubt the tech companies have already decided what the future will look like. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, HTC, magic leap, Facebook and many others are constantly working in development.

In summary, part one of the article: Remember that not far today cars are self-driving, and levers will legitimate vehicles and delivery vehicles, just like the cars that already drive much better than humans and although the future looks like science fiction, no science fiction! It fulfilled everything that humans wanted; we wanted to fly; we wanted to breathe underwater, land on the moon, replace parts of the human body, and who would have believed only 100 years ago that we would achieve such impressive achievements. In fact, technology bypasses humanity, it's a scientific fact that marks the beginning of our superstition, singularity.

And what I've written so far is only the beginning, because in a very close time, scientists are developing artificial intelligence and not far today where we can scan our brains into the machine and do many more amazing things (no word exists to describe it). Is this the next step in our evolution? That the future of virtual reality is in glasses? We will talk about all this in Chapter II.

In Part Two of the article, we will continue to review the virtual, laminated and integrated reality glasses market and continue to follow the White Rabbit, see where it will take us.

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