WebAR is almost here, and it is easy to change everything

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A few weeks ago, I saw an old Bill Gates snippet chatting with David Letterman in 1995, young Mr. Gates promoting his book "The Way Forward," but he also found time to persuade Letterman to try this new thing online, enticing him with suggestions of ability Stream web of sports games and chat with other custom car enthusiasts. The clip seems wildly outdated after twenty-three years have passed, but contains some unmistakable parallels to the next wave of technology. Like the Internet, we only scratch the surface with the possibilities of extended reality. And, like the early Internet, the augmented reality is no longer suitable for the regular user.

Even the Internet only developed when it became accessible and easy. We are on the brink of this moment for AR.

WebAR allows users to communicate with AR through a mobile browser. Like Arkit and Arcore, we can use the same capabilities with a mobile browser, and consumers can play games, view information and handle content downloading nothing, thus avoiding one of the biggest obstacles to augmented reality to date. For any viral software like Pokemon, according to some serious sources of amazing technology!, it should be more available for mass consumption by the end of next year to the maximum.

Using augmented reality, you can add a digital layer on top of the physical world and the process becomes as easy as clicking a link. One of the biggest problems with the current Internet is that as it gets better over the old ways in which we found information, we still need to read the data by searching, rather than having it come to us smoothly. The information also not integrated anywhere into our environment, like anyone who was at a bus stop and saw a schedule on the phone, sees that the phone tells you that a bus is coming, and then you look down the street and it is empty.

When AR becomes widely available, we can not only look for what we need, but see it as a physical object right in front of our eyes. This represents a profound change in how we can see data and apply it to our lives. For example, imagine that someone wants to make a healthier diet, but maybe he grew up in a household where it was not a priority. It’s one thing to see a list of good foods and go for a walk to the grocery store, but it’s much more powerful to click a link from your doctor, hold the phone in front of your fridge, and see a ram that will look full of fruits and vegetables. You can also tap to make changes if certain foods, then when you're ready, you click the button and log in to order through your favorite grocery delivery service. Vision is belief, and it is a powerful motivator - for example, Modiface will allow users to "try" makeup, reporting an 80 percent increase in conversions for technology-using consumers.

AR on the web means users interact with the content best. If you're staring at a Vogul phone, it's hard to catch your eye - when the information projected on the interactive world, you can deal with it more holistically. AR campaigns have an average time of 75 seconds - 2.5 times the average of radio or TV ads, and of course much more than microseconds when someone scrolls a webpage. For visual learners, this is a massive step forward - moving away from text-based text and something more contextual and interactive will give people with non-traditional learning styles a massive advantage. (I'm their sons)

The most exciting thing about all of this is that we are on the brink of an alternative way to consume and provide information, and we do not know where it is going from here. Once WebAR is open to all consumers and developers, the possibilities will be endless. Twenty years from now, I expect us to look back and laugh at how simple our ancient ideas were - and how they seemed revolutionary.

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