VR for Xbox soon despite Microsoft's denials

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"Xbox will not be getting a virtual reality headset soon"
Following reports earlier today that the company was working on a VR headset compatible with the Xbox Series X / S, Microsoft has reiterated that VR support for Xbox is not a priority for the company.

When connecting the recently released Xbox Wireless Headset to their Xbox Series X or Series S consoles, some Italian Xbox users received messages that read " n update for the VR headset is available" and " update VR headset," according to IGN Italy. When my colleague Cameron Faulkner tested the Xbox Wireless headset on a Xbox Series X console in the United States, he did not get this pop-up message.

“The copy in this error message is inaccurate because of a localization bug,” a Microsoft representative told The Verge, adding that “VR for console is not a focus for us.”

Microsoft has yet to venture into the virtual reality realm with its Xbox consoles. In 2018, the company announced that it would no longer support virtual reality headsets for Xbox, citing a desire to focus “primarily on experiences you would play on your TV.” Xbox CEO Phil Spencer stated in late 2019 that, despite playing "some great VR games" like Half-Life: Alyx, console VR was not a priority for Xbox ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X / S.

According to rumors reaching Amit Caesar, a virtual reality for Xbox working on a new virtual reality glass despite Microsoft's denials

how to connect oculus quest to Xbox One:

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