Virtual reality fitness bicycle and sports exercises

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Virtual reality fitness at home NordicTrack's bicycle and sports exercises

Games like Beat Saber and Creed are a great way to improve your heart's ability, and having played in several types of games at home almost since they came to virtual reality glasses, I thought I could try out NordicTrack's new bike. I haven't been in an eternity gym, but now I definitely think about it again.

Vive's demo booth at CES 2019 played a host of games, applications, and also introduced the new Vive Pro that already has eye-tracking technology in the alternative model of the company's independent 6DOF virtual reality glasses. Among the games were NordicTrack VR Bike, a steerable fitness bike packed with input and input buttons, directional pad, and so on, and NordicTrack VR Bike focuses on Vive and there are already several compatible gamified workouts designed to motivate you. One of the strongest games at CES was Aeronauts, a game that shakes you on a pedal-powered glider, flying through a winding mall.

The goal is to advance as quickly as possible, navigate through checkpoints, enter rings, shoot a variety of balloon targets by directing your gaze and more. While it is a simple formula, I have to admit that it is not just a visually polished game; it is a fascinating game. It works well. The game makes you keep pushing in the same way to finish the simulator race, completely addictive,

So here I am, in fabric pants and button-up shirts ready to do a demo for virtual reality bikes, and interview some people, and then continue to stomp around the floor at CES. I wasn't ready to sweat. I wasn't ready to push myself further than I had to, but I wanted to win.

By the time I got out of the three-minute race (just three minutes!), I was taking out a bottle of water and they disassembled me like an exceptionally hard workout.

The full NordicTrack VR Bike package is due in the summer of 2019 for $ 2,000 in the United States. The gradient of cycling, descent and resistance in response to personal trainer orders.

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