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Valve unveiled their newest version of the "Knuckles VR controllers" in the developer version this week, while Valve has yet to offer the product and no sign of launch timing, according to recent updates that the Knuckles VR controllers will soon be the final version at hand.

For those who do not know the new Knuckles VR controllers are like our knuckles, the company claims that in the recent signs the experience is more immersive by bringing the user's natural hand skill into the virtual world. Plus, the user can also feel touched - just like Oculus touch controllers who also know how to track fingers - Valve's new Knuckles VR controllers have sensors that allow the controller to detect full finger movement and even grip power.

A little about the specification:

Precision improvements of the fingers by an advanced detector

We have updated the firmware to take advantage of the new sensors


The response speed of the trigger is increasing

Enhanced pressure trigger

Convenient grip strap

Increased resistance to blows and falls

The emotion sensors have improved

Fast loading improved

bug fix

Improved stability

A sense of variables

Reduced sensor variation power

They minimize lED light

Improved fit and finish

Improved reliability

Cap Sense

I have rearranged capacitive sensors to accommodate more hand sizes

I have updated firmware to take advantage of the new sensors


Trigger spring strength increased

Trigger click feels improved


Increased durability of strap change connector

Strap adjust feel improved


Fast charging improved

Fixed pairing bugs

Improved stability


Thumb stick feel improved

Force sensor variation reduced

LED light leakage minimized

Improved fit and finish

Improved reliability.

Valve says they previously sent "hundreds" of EV2 prototypes, at which point the company expects the company to manufacture small Knuckles VR controllers and then begin mass production.

With the latest enhancements in the controller, 2019 seems like a better bet to buy the product, though the company keeps the cards close to itself as of the release date. Whenever the release date arrives, many expect Velve to launch alongside the joysticks one of its three new virtual reality games, and Valve has confirmed that they are in development.

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