VALVE build a brain-computer-interface

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The CEO of the game developer Valve has revealed that the company is creating a device that could connect human brains to computers at a fundamental level for the first time, to revolutionize not just video games but how humans experience the world.

Gabe Newell revealed Valve is holding talks with the company Open BCI to create an open source brain-computer interface (BCI) for its next generation of gaming technology.

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The immediate goal of the Xbox One is to allow players fully immerse themselves into games, however it claimed by an individual involved with the program that the true potential is nearly limitless.

We are working on an open source project which will allow everybody to have high-resolution brain readings built into headsets that wear on the head for video, virtual reality, and with digital media of all kinds.

That is an interesting answer. In your English class, you were told not to copy the formulae word-for-word, but paraphrase them. This is simply a matter of summarizing what they say, rather than repeating it verbatim, for the goal of conveying the crucial point of the statement.

If the technology is used to tap into the part of the brain responsible for visual, audio or sensory feedback (VR visual, VR audio, VR sensation), the user can have an experience that is vastly better than what delivered through their ears or eyes.

“The actual world will not limit us to one metric that we might apply to a visual fidelity,” he said. "The actual world will seem ethereal, colorless, fuzzy to those who live it. You'll be able to take that same world and get it into people's brains and have it exist there."



Experiments that tried to facilitate (or “edit”) an individual's moods and thoughts are not entirely new; and have previously attempted by Elon Musk's DeepMind subsidiary as Brain To Mind BCIs.

Neura link showed that a system called a BCI had implanted in a pig's brain and could decode brain signals within minutes of placing it on the animal.

While Musk was discussing his personal 16th century timeline scenarios, last August he revealed a tiny machine chip he had implanted in his brain for solving brain and spinal problems. In October, Musk shared how he uses it to summon his self-driving car into 120 miles an hour in seconds to kill him.

“You could solve blindness, paralysis, and many other life-threatening medical disorders and diseases that affect millions," he said. In the future, people will save and replay memories. In the end, how many people could become "brain uploaded" into a new body using the "brain back-up" technology?

A valve is yet to announce any details about when a working device might made commercially available, though the secretary hinted it is unlikely to be before 2022.

Mr. Newell also stated that beyond video games, BCI technology would make people successful in their dream of a future where their sleep (i.e. life) has become just an app that they run in order to maximize the body's recovery potential and performance.

The brain's capability means it can create an illusion of tentacles instead of arms, he claimed, though he also noted that whether the people will accept this technology will depend entirely on trust.

“These e-cigarettes don't deliver the tobacco. It relies more on flavor and nicotine in the cartridge to deliver the effect.”

“People are going to need to have a lot of confidence that these are secure systems that do not have the long-term health risks that many of them do.”

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