oculus quest: Everything you need to know?

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oculus quest Everything you need to know?

So how does the Oculus Quest - oculus quest really, I can easily summarize the issue and say it's the next hot thing to check and it is a serious game, until a year and a half ago Oculus was still shuffling behind HTC and today I worry about HTC because they are in trouble, their price High in front of the Oculus models that do about the same?

The box of the Oculus Quest is very similar to the box of the Oculus S, very nice and easy opening. Inside I found two signs and two batteries and virtual reality glasses from Oculus House.

When I opened the box you shocked, two signs and glasses that went into a small backpack, no wires and no sensors, no smartphone and no computer, no cables, no software downloads, really amazing and ready to use. (I knew it all before but see it, it's completely different)

In fact, the first thing to do is download the Oculus app on the Google Play store or app store. Once we have downloaded the Oculus application, we will open an Oculus account, you can sign up for Oculus software through your Facebook account, which is the easiest or just open an account. Regular.

After signing up for an oculus account on a smartphone, we turn on the oculus quest - oculus quest and go a step further in the oculus quest app on the smartphone, to set up the oculus quest for internet connection and updates the device receives, when the program finishes installation, has a short tutorial And use warnings.

Those who already have the Oculus Go will immediately recognize the style of installation, which is very similar to the Oculus Go, when the installation is complete with device updates, the Oculus app will tell you to continue inside the Oculus Quest - oculus quest itself.

In virtual reality glasses we will define the room, that is, we will scan the room so that the glasses know where we are in the space and in the end we will also be guided by a cute creature who even dances with us and it feels real, a truly amazing opening where the Oculus quest also shows its capabilities.

The Oculus Quest goggles use four surveillance cameras in the space to know my location in the 3D environment, in the room space scan from the glasses works fine, for me outside? The Oculus unequivocally prohibits the use of the Oculus Go and the Oculus Quest in the sun so I won't try either, but at night it is something else, you can go out alone or if friends in an orchard or yard near the house and in general your space is endless, (just have some more little update That Facebook should do).

(I'll upload more videos and photos soon)

The comfort of the Oculus Quest is even better than the Oculus S (it's like with and without feeling) and the space scan in OCULUS QUEST, is just like in Oculus S, simply drawing where to move in the room or outside, then putting the joysticks on the floor and glasses Realizing that this is my ground, then choosing what lies ahead and such and coming to the new home screen of the Oculus Quest, it was amazing to see the image quality and programming flowing relatively smoothly, amazing that all of this was achieved from a relatively old Galaxy 9 processor, but the result is amazing.

Oculus worked collaboratively with the developers to download the graphics in games in places that were not so noticeable and also made the software itself work well in Oculus Quest so that everything ran smoothly, it is important to note that I still did not sit enough on the Oculus Quest, so the article will be updated.

As in Ace Oculus, in Oculus Quest we also see colored menus on the real world in gray, which gives a sense of layered reality but in fact it is a reality mix, which is no less cool.

In summary, so far, who is it good? Everyone but real! From kids to adults, there is just enough content for the whole family and it's not that expensive, so far away from the day when every person will have glasses, but right now the Oculus Quest is a virtual reality console, and it's an excellent model, All the games, which is important to me and myself and people like me, will be the two models, one for home and one for friends and trips.