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The company that developed Insta360 is now placing orders for a new Titan, professional-grade 11K VR card, 360 video and photos.

The Titan camera has several photo modes including 11K mono-scopes in fps, 10K stereoscopic in 30 fps, and 11K 360 photos in both stereoscopic and conoscopic modes. Additional photo modes include 8K at 60 fps and 5.3K at 120 fps.

Titan currently priced at a discounted price of $ 15,000; The company says it is possible to make a payment for the Titan camera, but if you regret it, the company will refund you the money.

Professional filmmakers can order their Titan camera starting today on the company's website. The first shipment of cameras expected to begin in April following an affiliate pilot program.

Titan uses an array of eight micro three-thirds (MFT) sensors, something the company lists as "the largest sensors available on any standalone VR camera." The sensors should maximize image quality, dynamic range, performance, and low-color colors.

Titan supports 10 high-quality dynamic range colors to allow creators to capture natural or artificial light.

The professional camera Titan uses a method called FlowState Stabilization: Calls 'FlowState Stabilization'. The company says the camera has 9 pivots for stabilization without additional accessories or effort from the user. Users can also view live previews by attaching their smartphone or tablet.

Because of the impressive capabilities of the 11K camera, the company has also created a playlist called "Crystal View" besides using a camera without wasted computing power. We can use smartphones. Most smartphones can play full quality titanic content, "the company writes in a press release.

While the Nokia OZO 360 camera and Jaunt ONE were a failure, Titan truly represents the company's third professional camera following the Insta360 Pro & Pro 2 released in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

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