HTC VIVE surprising us

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HTC VIVE is surprising and still enhances and sells well in 2020

Imagine you are in the audience for the historic screening of the train un L'arrivée d'en Gar de la Siotta.

The short film that aired in 1895 depicts a train approaching the audience. Imagine seeing a moving picture, a whole new medium, unfold before your eyes for the first time.

This picture, with all the feelings of fear, joy, surprise and wonder, is exactly what the HTC company has done. It claims that when they wear their virtual reality glasses, reality is individual to every person and there is no actual reality.

Trying to describe what you see in HTC VIVE PRO EYE's new virtual reality glasses is as problematic as describing the world of video games to someone who has never played them or trying to explain a concert to someone who has never heard a symphony.

Virtual reality, as we have already learned in previous articles, is no longer a new medium, but before you buy virtual reality glasses, it is important to remember that there are differences between existing models.

Many experts in the field will say that comparing things is still too expensive, and the hardware is just getting started. Many experts still argue that the experience you will have in the coming years by virtual reality is an actual change.

Together with the right hardware - a computer with Intel i7-Core, 1070 graphics cards and so on, we can turn on embedded technology to track traffic in virtual reality and of course, eyes will be a very important part of operating the virtual reality system in the future.

It's important to note that HTC's new eyewear with steam VR HTC VIVE PRO EYE goggles are already using eye tracking, which is a leap forward and there are quite a few apps and developers using it, of course, that will be an integral part of virtual reality in the future.

Article author: Amit Caesar Israel, All Rights Reserved.