How do you treat anxiety through virtual reality ?

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How do you treat anxiety and depression through virtual reality?

Hard days are going on for all of us and the world, days of anxiety and uncertainty, days of financial trouble and severe emotional stress.

The routine we knew would no longer be back. We 're going through the unknown, in an age of information overload, lies that accepted as facts, corrupt politicians and greedy banks.

Our entire world feels like the trial and error of the massacred leaders on our civil account who are losing our freedoms every day, the poor 5 G conspiracy theories and Bill Gits being seen as the truth by the uneducated, and we are definitely on the wrong path.

Are you anxious about that? You have a good reason and you will allow me to list only a tiny part of what is going to happen to us:

Economic recession is very difficult

Removing the Global Village

A fast-changing reality


Modern slavery of body

Virtual Reality:

Increased Reality

Corona COVID-19 virus, which may still mutated

Social distance and isolation

Wars and acts of terrorism

Destruction of our planet

Disassembly of family cells

And there are, of course, many more.

Some people feel chest pain, some feel heart palpitations, severe symptoms of anxiety and depression have become part of the western world, and the corona has only made things worse.

The concern is evident, everything that will no longer be the same and the future lies in Arpel, we are constantly moving towards technological singularity, and those who do not adapt will become extinct as in nature.

But good things are happening now, things that help more than anything else in the history of anxiety and depression, virtual reality, it's no longer a new thing, and nobody in the field knows it's almost everything's future.

One of the best things you can do in this hard time is to go for a walk, take a vacation, meditate and relax.

What am I talking about here? How does it relate to virtual reality?

The truth is simple, most people don't know what virtual reality is, hear yes, see toys, yes, but few people have tried Oculus Quest, VIVE, MIX REALITY, AR and, of course, velvet index.

Today, there are devices that don't need a computer, these are small, comfortable, portable virtual reality glasses that already have everything inside. You can take virtual reality glasses with a small scooter anywhere, go to friends and play with them physically (even if you don't have to) play soccer at home or just sit on a couch or a bed and leave this world for a vacation or an adventure.

In virtual reality glasses today, you can see your real hands, not the joystick which leaves only a small and comfortable reflection, and you in another world, unlike in the past, people who are not used to playing consoles or computers will easily find themselves in the virtual reality world, because it is their hands.

So, what do you want now? Holidays? Maybe go on an adventure, maybe watch a 3D movie in Amex, maybe just kill in the Alps, maybe you want to meditate, maybe you want to go to a party or meet people like you're right there.

You've got fears, there's no problem, there' are a lot of apps to deal with fear and anxiety to deal with phobias and imbalances, virtual reality can cure your mind.

Thanks to virtual reality glasses, you can do sports at home without corona paste, but you're actually going to be in the institute and you're going to save a lot of money, you can learn in virtual reality as if you were in a class. Inevitably, that's what needs to be done about Corona-era education.

Nowadays, the most advanced virtual reality glasses in the world do not cost expensive, no more powerful computer costing thousands, everything is in virtual reality glasses, so the price is equivalent to the Sony PlayStation or the Ex Box price.

During the Corona era when the glasses of virtual reality were completely closed, they saved me! My four-year-old spent time there, not suffering from anxiety, of course.

I can keep writing a lot more about the subject, and it will come in the additional articles, until then I wish everyone just health, that's the most important thing.

Article Author Amit Caesar, Israel Virtual Reality 2013.