cbs uses the VR Insta360 Titan camera

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Hi again, Larry Singol and let's talk a bit about VR Insta 360 Titan - 

If you were lucky enough to see E3 2019 this year, you may have seen a line of people waiting in line for a small booth set up by CBS and Insta360.

CBS and Insta360 introduced a three-player game that can tap into an interactive VR experience based on the popular TV show and game Let's Come Deal and compete in the "CarPong" game, a chance to win as many sweet prizes as possible, including VR Insta360 Titan cameras, T-shirts, and even some Oculus Quest .

What you may not realize, however, was that the entire VR experience built in just six months by a beginner developer, video maker Jersey Paymaster, the company could produce a fast-acting game by incorporating 360-degree video into the experience as a replacement for the VR environment Handmade.

Using VR Insta360 or Titan Insta 360 Titan, the companies recently released an 11K 360 degree movie, Feimster, Feimster and then built the interactive part of the experience, using the SKY BOX high quality HD 360 world where the player sits.

"Six months ago, there was an idea to bring a studio audience, to the living room or to the office," Feimster said in an interview, but we haven't received the VR Insta360 Titan yet. found out it had never done before and was told it could be done. I taught myself late at night, after my son and wife went to bed. Night became a YouTube VR University time. All over the internet came to my aid, the community large and vibrant.

In a regular 360 video, you are only watching, but with the latest advances in 3D technology and depth mapping technology, you can let players physically walk around and shoot them at 360 degrees with six degrees of freedom.

"The response from the audience was unrealistic. (It's a fun game, I can play it for hours," said one actor). Even gamers who do not enjoy VR enjoyed playing in depth-based 3D photography games.