Caring for Autistic Children by Virtual Reality

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So let's start with those who don't know that according to the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, the number of autistic people diagnosed in Israel has risen three times in a decade, none of the experts are sure exactly why and the bottom line is not an effective cure for autism, autistic caregivers are trying to help autistic people and their families deal with everything around the good More by a variety of artifact treatments.

For example, in Israel, the Holon Institute of Technology is working on a virtual reality rehabilitation project in one of the largest research organizations in the field, senior researchers at the computer science department responsible for the technology professions, say they have already developed a software called (Calma) that is supposed to use virtual reality to address problems of regulation., Treatment of Autistic Children by Virtual Reality.

A variety of schools in Israel are already making use of virtual reality today, some of them children on the autistic spectrum suffer from sensory regulation, which makes it difficult for them to move from one environment to another quickly and more. Use the innovative treatment for autism rehabilitation in virtual reality for children.

Until recently, the most common treatment for autism was "white room" "Treatment methods where these children put into a white room that has nothing and it is devoid of stimuli and then gradually various objects can be added. Nowadays it is more common to use virtual reality therapy for autistic children in virtual reality to establish "White room would have cost a lot of money, but nowadays using virtual reality glasses has a lot of cost savings, the results according to research show that using virtual reality is better at getting results than any other recognized treatment.

A senior Israeli researcher says, "We designed a marine environment that audio could easily change and control. For example, dolphins, crabs, bubbles, divers and therapists can control the entire patient environment.

Systems such as Kalama can help children who easily concentrated and easily distracted. "By using virtual reality, they gave therapists the opportunity to create a world that has more or few stimuli. It helps them balance and relax." Next to it sits the therapist who sees everything on a tablet or smartphone. In this way, the therapist constantly sees what the child sees and gives him a deeper understanding of how to make the best use of virtual objects in front of the patient.

Treating virtual reality to a child in principle takes only a few minutes, and it is important to note that there is a different treatment method from person to person. Every person has their own treatment. What is interesting is that the children remember the treatment of virtual reality as a positive experience and they want to try it again? "

There are several companies in the world today that develop medical care in virtual and virtual reality and Israel is not the only one that examines the field, according to children's experts who will use virtual reality glasses at their leisure, according to him, today's small convenience and cheap prices making technology available to everyone.

 The Calma Israeli pilot shows she has potential as a therapeutic tool. We have seen great enthusiasm among children, doctors, teachers and parents. Over time, using virtual reality glasses can help students achieve emotional regulation. Sensory and improve their learning abilities and concentration.

Virtual Reality, Augmented and Artificial Intelligence 2021 specialist Amit Caesar wrote the article.
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