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20 Dec

Tarzan VR: Swing through the jungle like never before in this standalone adventure! Beat bad guys, save gorillas, and unleash your inner ape with iconic yells. You Tarzan, jungle you play!

Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic: Magic gets even wilder! Explore new lands, vanquish new foes, and master enchanting spells in this long-awaited expansion to the beloved tech demo.

Sam & Max VR: Get ready for wacky hijinks with these iconic detectives! Dive into their freelance cop world in full VR and prepare for side-splitting shenanigans. Just try not to laugh too hard while solving cases.

Sniper Elite VR: Shadows beware, the sniper is here! Immerse yourself in first-person sniping with thrilling campaigns and those bone-chilling X-RAY Kill Cams. Time to silence the enemy in style.

Zombieland VR: Double-tap your way to victory in this score-chasing apocalypse! Blast undead hordes while racking up points in this action-packed VR take on the iconic movie. Remember, rules are there to be broken... especially the double-tap rule.

Walkabout Mini Golf: Grab your virtual putter and hit the green! One of Quest's best sports games swings onto PC VR with realistic physics, stunning courses, and multiplayer fun. Time to putt your way to mini golf glory!

A Township Tale VR: Build, explore, and thrive in this immersive world! Choose your class, complete jobs, and shape your own township in this long-awaited VR adventure. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work (and builds the best towns)!

Stones of Harlath: Retro dungeon crawling gets real! Unleash gesture-based magic attacks and bask in the pixelated glory as you conquer dungeon after dungeon in this throwback RPG. Prepare for nostalgia overload!

Little Witch Academia: Broom-tastic VR awaits! Enroll in Luna Nova, cast spells, and zoom through the skies in this magical VR game based on the beloved anime. It's time to live your witchy dreams!

The Secret of Retropolis: Don't miss this point-and-click gem! Solve puzzles, unravel conspiracies, and experience a gorgeous art style reminiscent of classic Lucasarts adventures. All from the comfort of your virtual armchair. 

Winds & Leaves: Breathe deep and connect with nature! Grow a forest, weather the elements, and soak in the beauty of VR in this PSVR exclusive. Prepare to find inner peace, one pixelated tree at a time.

Synth Riders: Get ready to groove! Blast through orbs to the beat of the music in this rhythm game's PSVR debut. Vibrant visuals, pumping tracks, and pure dancefloor fun await.

Arcsmith VR: Puzzle your way through space! Build intricate machinery on a peaceful station caught in galactic conflict. This brain-bending VR game from the creators of John Wick Hex will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Chess Club VR: Checkmate on Quest! Play the classic game of strategy in a whole new way with animated character pieces and immersive VR. It's time to take your chess game to the next level.

Madrid Noir VR: Unravel a mystery under the Spanish sun! Explore Madrid through the eyes of a young girl and uncover a thrilling story in this VR film. Prepare for a summer of secrets and suspense.

The article was written by Amit Caesar and Bard

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