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02 May

My name is Amit Caesar and I have been working in the field of virtual reality since 2013, but I have never carried out such a difficult and painful project. In the last two weeks, I was given a great honor to make 40 virtual reality glasses and embed in them an application that tells the testimonies and stories of the horrors of the seventh of October for the Israelize association.

This is a very important project for Israeli advocacy in the world. On Thursday, May 2024, a group of Israeli ambassadors went on an advocacy tour around the world. This important mission is being carried out thanks to the Israelize association, which organized the entire project.

Why is this such an important project? The reason this is such a unique project is the ability of virtual reality technology to put you in the shoes of the victims, to experience the victims as if you were really there.

The first stop of the Israelize ambassadors will be London, after which the representatives will travel to other countries for a world information tour that is not important.

When I met Omar and Shiran from Israelize in the office, I could see in their eyes the determination and commitment to the goal and it really moved me, it was important for me to do something more for the community. I was terribly intrigued to know who this association is, after checking I found out that it is an association that is an iron asset to the State of Israel.

The reason why it was important for me to publish the article is that it is very important to me that people continue to support this important association and the amazing team that sees only the good of the State of Israel, the families of the abductees and martyrs, and the IDF soldiers before their eyes.

I would love for you to be impressed by Israelize's work, so I am pasting a link to the association's website:


I wish Israelize continued holy work and will always be at your service. I will continue to update and upload photos later.
Written by Amit Caesar

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