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17 Aug

VR looks bright for the future. There are a ton of upcoming games to keep an eye out for, and we have a list of the ones on your wishlist that deserve a spot.

Agent 47's adventures are making the leap only on PlayStation VR into VR, and one would hope to PC, eventually. Hitman 3 seems to carry on with the winning formula of the game's more recent installments, which is significant news for VR players. Hitman is all about mastering the atmosphere and exploring various paths to your goal; ideal for VR.

The big question is still, when are we going to get a look at PSVR 2? Rumors continue to swirl around the gaming industry, but we have heard little about Sony's VR plans outside of Hitman. With their new console out and big banner games on the way, gamers continue to wait with bated breath for any hints about upgraded hardware, such as Resident Evil 8 (7 had VR support).

Sniper Elite VR-Insurrection
At some point, Sniper Elite will make the jump from flat-screen to VR, and I hope it will be in 2021. In VR, Sniping has always been tricky, which is why we need a game built from the ground up for it to learn how it's done by other studios. In VR, that and those x-ray killings are going to look brutal.

Vertigo 2-Productions Zulubo
The sequel to the very excellent Vertigo is on the way, and Half-Life fans are going to want to take notice of it. The creator of the game, Zach Tsiakalis-Brown, is an alum of Valve and something of a prodigy. He not only designed Vertigo but also produced the game's very good soundtrack. With all the wit, charm, humor, and excellent level design as its predecessor, Vertigo 2 will undoubtedly packed.

Iris VR Inc Low-Fi-
There is one idea I had to play Cyberpunk 2077: "man, this should have been a VR game." While the highly expected RPG fell short of expectations, there is still hope that Low-Fi can scratch the cyberpunk itch of gamers.

You play like a cop walking (and flying) the mean streets of a futuristic dystopia, leaning heavily on Blade runner. You going to uphold the law? Or for your own gain, abuse it? Low-Fi is shaping up to be a slice of VR heaven with crimes to solve or commit yourself.

With VR-racing experiences, there are a handful of options, but nothing quite accessible to the public. As it looks like a slick combo of Wipeout and Forza, Z-Race may be the game that changes that. The polish on this match is off the charts, so expect a visual feast at the very least.

Ebim Studios Ryte-The Eye Of Atlantis-
Ryte looks like a solid action/adventure game putting you in the shoes... uh... the Atlantean sandals. Explore the ancient city, solve puzzles, and witness the epic story of Assassin's Creed.

Eternal Starlight-Games for White Noise
While it does not have an official release date yet, for any RTS fan, Eternal Starlight is worth a wishlist. Also, the very cool finger tracking on Oculus Quest II is its boasting support. If you're familiar with games like Homeworld, then you'll recognize the approach of Eternal Starlight to space RTS. Note Battlegroup VR out now, if this is your type of game.

Monad Games, Blunt Force-
Take Inception's mind-bending visuals and pack in Saving Private Ryan's action, and that's essentially Blunt Force. In World War II, your character suffers a head injury and as you play the past and present blood together, they force you to switch between them.

It's a clean idea with lots of potential, let's see where this one lands when it hits in the next year, hopefully.

Jorgen Games-The Break In
If you've ever wanted to go with your friends on a virtual crime spree, then this is the game to look out for. The Break In is like Phasmophobia, but instead of ghosts, laptops, TVs, and whatever valuables you can purloin will hunt for. The idea has already caught many people's attention on Reddit while still early in development. Could it be a big indie hit next time? Let's hope that.

Last-minute news soon resident evil 8 comes out in virtual reality. Stay tuned. 

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