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I struggled to write the article before you; I did not know where to begin, so I just started writing. 

In the year 2020, our world will have reached a new prime point.

Something significant is happening, and it is affecting everyone. We can fill it, but we do not know what it is. The world as we knew it had ended in 2020. The collapse is so vast that is affects every aspect of life. It touches all areas of our life, include our personal ones and each of us feal it differently from his own unique perspective. In this brief article, I'll share my viewpoint on the topic.

In the year 2020, the COVID-19 virus astonished humanity when humanity was on the brink of the edge before our last industrial revolution. We were suffering from a rapid pace of technological advancement that quickly sped up towards technological singularity.

what is technological singularity?
To those who don't know, technological singularity will be the Humanity’s Greatest and Last Accomplishment. The technological singularity is a revolutionary moment in time in which humanity creates a self-aware artificial intelligence or (AI) for short.

at the moment that artificial intelligence will appear humanity will cease to exist as a leading intelligence, in fact the entire human race will become inferior and primitive to a superartificial intelligence (AI), Therefore, humanity will move from its place in history as supreme intelligence on this planet and artificial intelligence will take its place.

Ray Kurzweil, One of the smartest people in the world alive to my opinion, predicted 15 years ago that the singularity will be when the abilities of a computer overtake the abilities of the human brain will occur in about 2045. I predicted 10 years ago it will happen in 2029, Since I changed my mind and I think it can happen any moment right now.

But before all of this will happen'd, I think there will be some breakthroughs. 

1. Humanity will move into the metaverse.

2. Humanity will coexist with several types of human intelligence, for example:

people without genetic upgrades, people with genetic upgrades, physically upgraded people, Cybernetic OrganismVirtual humans (AVATAR), and others. 

3. Time and space will become an individual issue, senses, and reality will become irrelevant, and the effect of existence will a relative thing.

4. humanity will eventually recognize consciousness as another dimension, maybe fifth dimension. 

Now if you are still here, so Let's get this party started :).

what is a multiverse ?

Parallel universes or (Multiverse) come in a variety of shapes, Laws of physics and so on. And that it's important to note that, because when I will talk about parallel universes in this article, I will refer it to an AI computer made multiverse a (Metaverse).

In order to enter the virtual universe In our daily lives, we use technologies such as smartphones, computers or XR glasses such as virtual reality glasses (VR), augmented reality glasses (AR) or mix reality glasses (MR).

To be precise, we are already living in virtual reality today as part of daily use of smartphones and computers. Those virtual universe is the Internet  2.0 pages, It can be a computer game where you play against other players online, social networks, sharing platforms and more. And soon we will move to use web 3.0. 

Virtual reality glasses and augmented reality will be available to all of us, companies like apple, Meta, Microsoft and other companies creates virtual reality glasses and augmented reality glasses to make us get Full dive into the virtual worlds, And if it depend on Elon Musk is company neuralink we will soon have the technology to connect us to the Metaverse directly from our brains. computer brain interface (BCI)

what is a Full dive VR?

“Full dive VR”–a term coined by the Japanese light novel Sword Art Online in 2009 and further popularized by movies like Ready Player One.

What does a computer brain interface? 

The brain-computer interface (BCI) is a technology that allows us to link our brains to computers. Such an interface can actually fulfill all of humanity's dreams; anyone will be a God of their metaverse, able to do anything they want. people diving inside the metaverse will be full immersed because all of their senses will be involved. 

Soon we all become an avatar of ourselves

Actually, we will be duplicates of ourselves, and we will live there multiple times, defeat Death, and become eternal. In fact, we will raise our children there while giving up our physical bodies.

We will purchase and sell virtual goods and virtual properties or NFTs and we will pay with virtual money. Some of us will store their consciousness in the cloud and live there forever, never grow old. Time will no longer be a factor. We will have complete control over it. We could travel through time as much as we want. Humans will create universes and we can travel or live in them or maybe we will choose to live in universes that we created.

I would like to deviate from the subject for a moment and move to Drake's equations. 

The Drake equation, which tries to assume and calculate the number of stars in the universe that can develop intelligent life as a conscious living bean, is one of the most fascinating questions in science. According calculations, we should find conscious bean a long time ago.

so where is everyone?

Considering the developments of humanity in artificial intelligence (AI) and the progress in VR, we can conclude intellectual beings have moved to simulate reality and therefore they do not need to go out to investigate the universe.

If we consider that advanced life forms can use AI supercomputers that can create parallels universe that equal to reality, so what is the deference for team between one reality to another? Way to investigate other worlds on Oder planets, wean you can equally explore infinite worlds in the virtual metaverse?

Let's make a short, thinking experiment to find a solution to Drake equation by using simulated reality.

Consider an advanced intelligent life culture that has existed in a virtual reality for many generations annihilated itself, and the culture remains: how can a new spice that emerged can know the existence of the others spices? and how can the new how can the new spices will know they are inside a simulation?

In this example, I wanted to show that maybe we are possibility already living in a simulated reality and just forgot about that and we just discover it again and again and then again all over again.

For me to think about it is amazing. The fact that everything is correct and not correct and can exist in a superposition is one thing that makes my life magical. Everything may exist and not exist at the same time in a big metaverse parallel world.

There are many more questions that need answers, but every great story has an end and a beginning, every answer open more question so until my next article please leave me Your response or opinion and what you think On the subject, please monitor Schrodinger cat for me ;).

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article by Amit Caesar:

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