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08 Jan

Remember dreaming of sending Facebook messages straight from your Oculus Quest? Buckle up, virtual reality pals, because that dream is becoming a reality with the v25 software update!Get ready to chat with your Facebook friends from any device – from crushing beats in Beat Saber to unleashing fury in Racket Fury, simply pop open your Messenger app and voilà! No more headset juggle, just seamless connection within the VR world. ✨And it's not just basic texting. Meta's got you covered with three ways to communicate:

  • Type like a pro: Whip out that virtual keyboard and unleash your inner wordsmith (or emoji lover ).
  • Pick it quick: No time for typos? Choose from pre-written snippets to get your message across fast.
  • Talk the talk: Let your voice do the typing with Quest's handy voice-to-text feature. No headset muffling here! ️

But the fun doesn't stop there! The Messenger update takes your Oculus Party game to the next level. Invite your friends directly from VR, making multiplayer hangouts smoother than ever.This isn't just a fancy chat addition; it's a bridge between your VR world and the outside, breaking down those walls without ditching the immersive experience.Want to chat with someone without a Quest? No problem! Messenger lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, making it a truly cross-platform, system-wide communication hub.And don't worry about privacy. Meta assures us that your existing Oculus settings remain untouched, keeping your virtual life on lock.The v25 update is already rolling out, so keep your eyes peeled (or lenses, rather). For some, it might take a few weeks to arrive, but trust us, the wait is worth it! 

⌚️So, grab your Quest, update your software, and get ready to dive into the future of VR communication. It's time to chat, connect, and conquer the virtual world, one message at a time!

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Meta Quest Brings Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to Virtual 

ready to dive into a whole new level of social interaction in virtual reality! Meta Quest is officially bringing Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to its popular VR headsets, opening up a world of possibilities for connecting with friends and family in the immersive world of VR.

Chatting Without Leaving the Game

Imagine this: you're in the middle of an intense Beat Saber session, adrenaline pumping as you slice through neon blocks. Suddenly, a notification pops up – your friend wants to chat! With the new update, you don't have to break your VR stride. Simply pull up the Messenger or WhatsApp app, type a message using the virtual keyboard, voice-to-text, or pre-written snippets, and keep the social ball rolling without ever taking off your headset.

Beyond Texting: Party Time in VR

But it's not just about sending text messages. The update also makes it easy to invite friends to join you in your VR adventures. With a few clicks, you can send Oculus Party invites directly through Messenger or WhatsApp, creating instant multiplayer gatherings in your favorite VR games. No more switching between apps or fumbling with headset adjustments – just grab your virtual controllers and get ready for some epic team-ups!

Breaking Down the Walls Between VR and the Real World

This isn't just a fun new feature for VR enthusiasts; it's a significant step towards bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds. With Messenger and WhatsApp integration, you can now seamlessly connect with anyone, regardless of whether they have a VR headset or not. Want to catch up with a friend who's out and about? No problem! Just fire up a video call through Messenger right from your VR space. It's a whole new way to stay connected with loved ones, no matter where they are.

Privacy and Security: A Top Priority

Meta understands the importance of privacy in VR, and they assure users that their existing Oculus privacy settings will remain unchanged with the new update. You can control who can see your online status, what information is displayed in your profile, and who can send you messages. So, you can rest assured that your virtual interactions are always on your terms.

The Future of VR Communication is Here

The arrival of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp on Meta Quest marks a new era in VR communication. It's not just about sending messages; it's about creating deeper, more immersive connections with the people who matter most. So, put on your headset, update your software, and get ready to experience the future of social interaction in the exciting world of virtual reality!

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The article was written by Amit Caesar AND BARD

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