Microsoft is working on HoloLens 3, the consumer version

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06 Oct

Written by Amit Caesar

In an interview with Bloomberg's mixed reality head, Alex Kipman, we got some crumbs of information about the next version of Microsoft's HoloLens 3 integrated reality glasses.

According to him, HoloLens has targeted their augmented reality solutions to date for top-notch employees who need free hands, and that 90% of existing companies are exploring or using mixed reality already today. Microsoft has seen particular success in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and architecture, while other industries are only now discovering the potential inherent in the new revolutionary technology. He believes the technology is ripe to move from the industrial sector to the private consumer sector.

When asked about the next version of HoloLens 3, he said that the device will show

 improvements in three areas:

Improving image quality

Reducing the weight of the glasses

Reducing electricity use 

Improving comfort and social use

Increasing the amount of apps

He said Microsoft wanted the device to be not just a gradual improvement, but a transformative leap.

Either way, he confirmed Microsoft is currently in the design phase of the device, but 

claimed that there is no hurry to see the device in the coming year and he also did not give any deliberate release date.

Kipman confirmed that apart from focusing on the industry, Microsoft certainly feels that the technology is ripe for consumers and will become an important success and a real revolution in the way we consume.

It is important to note that Kipman has confirmed that Microsoft is working with competitors in the field like Niantic and Epic to keep the mixed reality platform open with free interoperability, multiple hardware sources and no tax blocking for app stores.

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