meetingRoom is approved for the Oculus App Lab

2 min read
17 Aug

By Jonny Cosgrove  

We are proud to announce our virtual reality meeting spaces are live on the Oculus App Lab. This happened a few months ago and we’ve put together what we have learned so far below.
What does this mean?

What have we learned so far?

How do you gain access?

What does this mean?

meetingRoom is not available to the general public yet i.e. not on the Oculus Store. We had a roadblock to getting users started in the way we wanted. Having high friction first-time experience when using the Oculus Quest using release channels.This issue is now solved thanks to Oculus. meetingRoom is now available to download from a link on Oculus Quest headsets. This replaces the previous release method. This is a similar process to becoming available on Business channels. This is another great step towards reducing friction for VR for Work users.We have experienced a significant increase in the requests to support consumer headsets. This acts as an entry point to VR for Work in the past six months i.e. using virtual meeting spaces for remote work. Many teams have picked up their first headset as part of their current hybrid policies. Oculus App Lab distribution allows for simpler distribution to the Fortune 500. 

What have we learned so far?

We have had access for a few weeks and been testing with existing and new customers. The results so far:

  • Smoother first-time tours i.e. get going without confusion/delay
  • Easier ad-hoc meetings for first-time tours i.e. quicker time to meet
  • Oculus App Lab removes months of artificial roadblocks to a great first time experience.
  • Oculus App Lab method reduces friction for Oculus users when accessing meetingRoom
  • Users click a link, rather than having to accept an invite via personal email etc.
  • Oculus App Lab lab makes the VR onboarding experience like downloading an app on your iPhone.

How do you gain access?

Existing customers can download the updated version of meetingRoom using the dashboard. You can also get in touch with the team direct.

New customers can get started right away. If you have a Quest or Quest 2, we can arrange a tour right away by clicking the link below. 

Get started

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