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22 Jul

While Oculus doesn't provide much in the way of publicly available data on how well individual apps are performing across its VR storefronts, it is possible to gain some insight by comparing apps to one another. The top 20 Oculus Quest games and apps as of July 2021 are listed below.

Before we get into the data, a few points to consider:
There are two types of apps: paid and free.Only apps with over 100 reviews are included.App Lab apps aren't included.For some applications, rounded ratings may appear to show ‘ties,' but the ranked order remains the same.

Paid Oculus Quest Apps with the Highest RatingsEach application's rating is based on a compilation of user reviews and is a useful tool for determining how well each title is received by customers.

RankNameRating (# of ratings)Rank ChangePrice
#1The Room VR: A Dark Matter4.89 (7,320)$30
#2Cubism4.85 (419)↑ 1$10
#3Walkabout Mini Golf4.85 (3,122)↓ 1$15
#4Moss4.82 (4,767)$30
#5Swarm4.82 (835)$25
#6I Expect You To Die4.81 (3,494)↑ 1$25
#7The Thrill of the Fight4.8 (5,693)↓ 1$10
#8GORN4.78 (4,336)↑ 1$20
#9ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos4.78 (872)↓ 1$40
#10Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted4.77 (5,809)↑ 2$30
#11Pistol Whip4.77 (6,785)$25
#12SUPERHOT VR4.75 (12,814)↑ 2$25
#13Yupitergrad4.75 (345)$15
#14In Death: Unchained4.74 (2,754)↑ 1$30
#15Trover Saves the Universe4.74 (1,605)↑ 1$30
#16Racket: Nx4.73 (1,482)↑ 1$20
#17Job Simulator4.72 (7,491)↑ 2$20
#18Down the Rabbit Hole4.72 (1,070)↑ 3$20
#19Vacation Simulator4.71 (2,238)↑ 1$30
#20Until You Fall4.71 (1,281)↑ 4$25

Virtual Reality, Augmented and Artificial Intelligence 2021 specialist Amit Caesar wrote the article.

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