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19 Nov

Besides the announcement, the studio mentioned the original game has earned over $6 million in revenue across all VR platforms, making it a potential reason for the current sequel. It is not yet clear which Virtual reality platforms the new game will come to, but it is at least coming to Steam for in compatibility with the Vive, Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

The original was more or less a spy themed escape room in VR, and the second one looks like it will be more of the same, which isn't necessarily unwelcome in a world where real life escape rooms aren't really available during a pandemic.

So far, most of the early era of VR simulations, games which are not made by large companies, do not get follow-ups, but left for others to work on. After the death of the studio behind Lone Echo, the company behind it bought by Facebook, and now it is a part of Oculus Studios As the sequels of Job Simulator (Job Simulator 2), Vacation Simulator (Vacation Simulator) made after the studio behind them purchased by Google.

Super hot was super fun when using VR in its original release, but its sequel doesn't yet support VR in its current release. If you're interested in a list of VR games that never saw a sequel (Arizona Sunshine), games played with a hammer (Boneworks), and what VR can do for passionate VR fans (Beat Saber), then you understand the problem.

Many enthusiasts at this point believe that this new announcement shows VR is coming out of a slump. It worked very well in the year of 2020 with the release of Half-Life: Alyx and the Oculus Quest 2, but one year of success doesn't indicate a trend. Since VR is still a slightly new technology, everyone is going to need a lot of new virtual reality content to keep it growing. The success of I Expect You to Die is not everything on I Expect You to Die 2 a couple of, but if they can replicate the success of the original, it can show that the VR market is getting back on its feet.

The article was written by Amit Caesar

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