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How to Install Quest Apps for App Labs
Facebook launched its Oculus Quest, known as App Lab, non-store app distribution last week. Facebook's App Lab allows users to install non-store content without having to use side loading on their quest headset.

Since its launch a few years ago, the Oculus Platform has been running in a console-like mode, and the Oculus Store is the official way to install apps on your Oculus device. To add their applications in the Quest Store, developers need to pitch the app, and the Facebook contents conservation policy is very strict with their Oculus store.

With the launch of the App Lab, Quest users and developers can now distribute, locate and install Quest content on the alternative channel that is not yet on the official store. The App Lab offers Quest users and developers a lot of opportunities and provides them with a less stringent procedure for installing virtual reality content from outside the Oculus Store.

Since App Lab applications do not undergo the same strict approval process as apps in the Oculus Store's office, many applications in the App Lab are working under way or experimental applications. It's usually stable or inferior to what you typically find in the Oculus shop, but there are also many gems. App Lab apps are free or premium, providing users with many easy install options.

Below is a guide to how App Lab apps can installed on Quest.
Laboratory app versus side loading
Using SideQuest, a third-party application Mac, PC or Linux, which allows developers easily reload their content in QUEST, until now, developers unable to add their content beyond Facebook's strict Content Curation Policy.

SideQuest app labs and side loads alike give developers and users an alternative way to install non-storage contents on their Quest headsets. While sideloading is a third-party solution, however, App Lab is the official solution for Facebook and is much easier to implement. Sideloading, however, requires registration as a developer and an installation process for the app is fiddler.

The App Lab will replace no SideQuest or SideQuest. In fact, in the App Lab integration process, Facebook has worked with SideQuest, which will then become a directory for App Lab apps.

What you need for App Laboratory
Unlike Sidequest, users do not have to enter their Oculus Quest headset in developer mode as developers for App Lab to use.

The process is the same. You can simply use your computers or mobile phones. The Oculus app must also installed in order to use your phone with App Lab. In addition, you will naturally need the headset Oculus Quest and you're good at doing it.

Applications Finding
App Lab's content not listed as it is for store content in a large directory. Instead, every App Lab app has a URL listing directly. Developers can share URLs of the app as they want and promote them. However, in the App Lab, there is no centralized official listing of all apps.

But Facebook has partnered with SideQuest to make the App Lab Apps as part of the SideQuest library easy to integrate and list.

This means that SideQuest now has an app laboratory category where developers can easily submit and list their apps. This enables users to access, explore and install experimental App Labor content for Quest using the best portal. SideQuest will therefore be presented.

SideQuest Installation of App Lab Content
Once you have a direct URL to the app, it is easy to install an App Lab app.

But you can do it without the correct SideQuest install, as all you can do on the SideQuest website, from the PC or on your mobile. If you wish to install App Lab apps via SideQuest (a downloadable SiderQuest App for PC and Mac).

Do this by navigating to the App Lab category of SideQuest that is available at https://sidequestvr.com. The category is also available on the PC or Mac app's home page. Go to the App Lab and find the app you want to install. You will find it.

Open the SideQuest page of the app next. For all App Lab apps on SideQuest, find a 'Oculus App' button here. On a mobile phone this appears a little different, but I find the same button. Click this button and, depending on the device, open the Oculus app or web page. It will follow the steps shown below next.

How can I add Laboratory content to your library?
Whether you have accessed or opened the App Lab URL directly using a 'Oculus App' button, the content addition process is the same. The above image displays the PC and mobile listing page.

We open the listing page in a PC browser window and allow you to purchase or add the app freely to your library, depending on the app's pricing scheme. To resettle or purchase the app, you need to login to the Facebook account associated with the VR headset.

We can open the app listing in the Oculus app on mobile. At the bottom of the screen you'll find a button that allows you to buy the paid app or to settle free app.

You are ready to continue the installation process after you have redeemed or purchased the app.

How App Lab Apps Install
Once you've purchased or redeemed the app on your mobile, the sold App from Oculus gives you a 'Play Later' or 'Is Headset Install.' To select the headset on which the application is to instal, press this button. The app will install in the background by the Quest headset and prepared for your next virtual reality session while we load the headset and are in a loaded or idled mode.

The 'Headset Install' option is not available on the desktop. Open your Oculus mobile app, search your library for the app, and then click "Set on headset." If you already use the VR headset, you can simply install the app.

The App Lab that you own and have not installed in your Quest headset is available in the v23 Quest software under the app library of your Quest. At the bottom of the toolbar you can find this. In 'All,' or 'Not Installed,' App Lab apps listed. You can install the app as you would any other app from these categories.

Users can gain a clearer integration with the App Lab apps for the newer v25 Quest software, which has currently gradually implemented to facilitate location of apps in their library. The applications are likely to listed in the v25 or under their own category of 'All' and 'Don't Installed.'

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