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26 Jul

Look & Play

No buttons to press. Just look and play. Multiple videos in a branded environment. Save on time, staff and money.

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All features for a fast and easy 360° playback User-friendly Look&Play offers a kiosk mode experience with no menus or buttons to press on. To start playing a 360° video, you simply look at an icon for a few seconds. Once the 360° video finishes, you automatically return to the waiting room.PlatformLook&Play is compatible with the Oculus GO, Rift & Quest, Pico VR, and Android. Android users can download directly from the Google Play Store.Upload 360° content Upload 360° content to the Look&Play app on your device using our preloader. Add audio and experience an easy 360° playback. We support:

– Stereoscopic & monoscopic 360° video

– Stereoscopic & monoscopic photos

– Equi-Angular (EAC) VR video

– 2D photo and video

– Spatial (.tbe) & stereo audioCustom brandingCreate a branded experience by adding a 360° background of your choice as well as icons for your 360° videos. You can also add a company logo above the playlist.Optional Kiosk ModeWe offer a free Kiosk Mode for Look&Play and a paid Kiosk Mode for VR apps. This way, your device autostarts the app when powering on and users can’t exit. 

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